How Much Can We Cram Into One Day? Part I: Whirliest of Whirlwinds

What a wonderful thing it is to travel to a tropical paradise when the rest of the country is so cold!   Warm sun, swaying palm trees, blue water.  Just look at that view! Unfortunately, that is a postcard that came in the mail.  I’ve arranged it so that the humans won’t be getting a vacation […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 4: All Good Things Must Come to an End

All good things must come to an end.  But if I’m around, the good things may not get started at all. The humans woke up this morning, the last day of their mini-vacation, with Big Plans.  More Art!  More Sightseeing!  More Adventures! More breakfast!  The human female wants to skip down to the breakfast room […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 3, Part Three: The Hirsute Woman

The human female is having a hamburger craving.  (She also wants to lose weight; do you see the problem here?)  She is poking about online, in search of a well-recommended restaurant in some part of town we can actually find.  She has settled on a place named, improbably, The Bearded Lady. This is going to […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 3, Part Two: All Shapes and Sizes

We are continuing our survey of the animal kingdom.  There are tall animals and short animals; bulky animals and slender animals;  hairy and scaly and warty animals. (And the human female, who is hairy and scaly and warty and bulky and short altogether.) And then there is this magnificent bastard. Oh, you beauty!   Look […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 3, Part One: Critters Galore, Most of Them Looking Decidedly Melty

What a difference a day makes!  A cold front blew through last night, it rained, and it is pleasantly cool and overcast outside.  This calls for a warm breakfast. Sigyn’s enthusiastic, but I’m not entirely convinced that those are real eggs.  Or at least not real chicken eggs.  Has anybody checked to see if there […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 2, Part Three: A Little Night Music

The humans, after a sorely-needed shower (frankly, they smelled!) and a bit of a rest, are ready to go out again.  Apparently there is a very Important and very Prestigious musical competition going on in this city, and we have managed to acquire tickets. This undertaking will necessitate making the journey downtown once more.  That […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 2, Part Two: The Humans Don’t Know When To Quit

Triple ugh.  If anything, it has gotten hotter.  The humans are all drippy and wilty.  They think it is time for lunch.  Lunch someplace cool. (later) What?!  By my pointy little horns, these two have NO imagination.  They have returned the SAME restaurant at which they ate yesterday, and have ordered the exact same dishes.  […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 2, Part One: Do We *Really* Want to Be Outdoors?

Ugh.  No relief from the heat.  If anything, it is hotter than yesterday.  Large City to the North is not friendly to Frost Giants.  The humans have no consideration for me, though, so we are off.  Time to get going!  Things to do!  People to see!  Double ugh. But first:  breakfast!  The human female’s preoccupation […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 1, Part Two: Mostly Art

Suitably fortified with spring rolls and bobba tea (I’m still not sure I trust those little black chewy things at the bottom) we are all ready for adventures.  But ugh!  Is it ever HOT.  I think I might like to adventure in an ice rink—the human female once went ice skating in this city, someplace […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 1, Part One: Stocking Up

The humans are of the opinion that they have earned a vacation.  I could vigorously dispute that, but I’ve agreed to disagree.  Besides, if they go someplace, fun, Sigyn and I can tag along, and WE definitely deserve a vacation. They were planning to leave today, but I tickled a server in the human male’s […]