Mischief Update: Workdon’t Addendum

Because I’ve been extra naughty, my exploits have spilled over into a whole other update!  This one is all about my little gift to the University, Workdon’t, the all-in-one-HR software. Day by day, Workdon’t keeps on revealing its nefarious intricacies. It’s like one of those big boxes of chocolates. At first, it looks as if […]

Mischief Update–It’s Not All Pens Around Here

It’s not all pens around here, though you’d never know it by the ink samples on the dining room table. No, there is a lot of messing with the human female so that she gets her exercise running around.  Take, for instance, the time the stockroom folks delivered a package that patently was not anything […]

Mischief Update

I’m trying to make good on my resolution to keep my populace up to date on my doings.  Since I last reported, I had all that good fun in New York, but not all of my mischief has been travel-related. Vendors continue to be the bane of the human female’s existence.  Well, one of them, […]

Back in the Saddle

Adventure over, the humans needs must settle back to work.  Back to students and faculty and vendors and invoices and strange directives from above and, and, and… …And Workdon’t.   They really have no room to complain, because I’ve given it a major overhaul.  No need to thank me, it’s a labor of love.  There is […]

Mischief Update–

Sigh.  I don’t know why I always let so much time go by between updates.  It’s just makes it longer and more tedious to write up.  Not that I don’t relish reliving my naughtiness, you understand.  It’s just all the typing.  Can Frost Giants get carpal tunnel?  I may be the first to find out. […]


Remember my beloved purchasing software, BAM(N)?  For over a year, I tortured the entire University system with it.  It was slow, cumbersome, unpredictable (well, unpredictable as to results; it was PREDICTABLY awful to use), and universally despised.  The University abandoned it, which was a real slap in the face to me, and I vowed my […]