Strange and Smashy Parcels

Mail’s here!  Since yesterday was a no-mail holiday, there should be good stuff today! By Hulk’s hurtful ham-fists, will you look at the condition of this box that has arrived for the human male!

mashed package

The pointers I’ve been giving the mail carriers are really paying off.  Well done!

mashed package2

Yes, I think we can all agree that this acronym stands for Usually Smashes Parcels Significantly.

Hope there was nothing breakable in there. Heh.

The human female has a parcel too!


Looks like the gorillas missed this one.  I see I have some re-training to do.  I have no idea what she’s ordered. Let’s look, shall we?


Sigyn, is that anything you recognize?  I have to say that, sadly, I do not think it is fudge.   Or rather, I now hope it is not fudge.  Fudge should not BE that color.


Well, I’m glad this came with promotional literature, because I would never have guessed what these are–little rubbery samples of sidewalk gasketting.  You know, that stuff builders put between concrete slabs to allow for expansion?  The humans’ front walk is missing quite a bit, and the spaces tend to fill up with soil and then grass.

What size do you reckon we need, Sigyn?  Some of those cracks are pretty wide…


…and some of them are awfully deep.

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