Loki and Sigyn on Campus

Thank You, Xylem (Sigyn Speaks)

The human female’s students have been studying Angiosperms, which is just a fancy word for flowering plants. I like this week of lab, not just because I just adore flowering plants, but also because there are always leftovers.

Look, Loki!  Today, it’s carnations.  I bet you’re wondering about the colored water.


The carnations started out plain white.  If you put them in colored water, the flowers will take it up, and it will travel upwards in little tubes called xylem


…and the dye gets deposited in the petals, leaving a lovely, stripey place to have a little sit!


Loki, shall I ask the human female if there are any more plain white carnations left?  I hear this works just as well with green food coloring!

: )

Oh, No! Not You Too!

The human female, daily dismayed at her advancing avoirdupois and her increasing rickettyness*, has joined a yogurt  yoga class at the university.  And before I could stop her, she talked Sigyn into doing it with her.  Now, twice a week, I have to eat lunch by myself while Sigyn does all sorts of bendy things in a quiet room full of limber people in stretchy clothes.

There are names for all of the poses.  I can’t possibly be expected to remember them, so I’ll let Sigyn narrate.


Hi! Sigyn here!  We like to start with some simple relaxation and breathing.  In and out.  In and out…  Let your mind go empty.**


Reverse swan dive up, opening up the spine.  Imagine that string pulling up on the top of your head.


And bend forward, walking those feet back into downward dog.  (I know it looks like I’m topless, but I promise it’s just that the back of my shirt is flesh-colored!)


Return standing, then lunge forward into warrior one. 


Now balance on that front foot.  Keep your hips facing forward.  Don’t forget to breathe!


Now we work on strengthening our glutes and abdominals with bridge.


If you can raise one leg.  Good!  Now hold…


Now back on one leg, reach back and hold one foot.  Feel those quads!  Don’t worry if you have trouble balancing–you’ll get the hang of it soon!


Move downward into plank (you can do kneeling plank if you prefer.)


Push up into cobra.  Keep your neck nice and long.


Two more times. When you’re done, lie back down and–

Sigyn, aren’t you done yet?  I’ve been waiting for you forever and you promised we’d go for a walk.


Fie!  Too many spandex-clad, shushing people in here–I’ll meet you outside.


>|: [

*I don’t know how she manages to be both stiff AND wobbly, but she does!

** The human female’s natural state–Loki

Things That Go Drip, Piddle, Ooze

There are a lot of aquaria in the human female’s workplace.  Many of the laboratory classrooms have them so that the students can observe squiggly things up close, and learn about pH and algal bloom, and happy predator species that treat the soft-bodied invertebrates like their own personal smorgasbord (chocolate chip starfish, we’re looking at you.)  The smaller tanks house a thoughtful fish or two; the larger ones are miniature reef ecosystems.  Sigyn could watch things swimming for hours–the real-life nature action never stops.

Not much is happening in this one today, though.


By Jörmungandr‘s pointy fangs!  No wonder!  There are but a scant four inches of water left in it!

Hmmm.  I wonder if this has anything at all to do with the little holes I poked in its filter/circulation pump/gasketing?


Naaah.  Probably not…

Pro Tip:  Students of villainy should remember–always wait for the first lab day of the semester for mischief like this, so that the Prep Staff and Lab Coordinator are scurrying around with mops and fishnets, trying to get up all the water and rescue all the uncooperative critters.  Adds a dash of drama to the mundane reading of the syllabus.

>|: [


Our Annual Christmas Treat, Part II: Weighty Matters

Sigyn adores glass paperweights. It’s one of the first things I learned about her.

It always makes me happy to see her so happy to look at a bunch of them.


She has a special fondness for the floral ones.


That blue one seems to have really caught her eye.


The one with the tiny orchid is also pretty.


Someone should take her sweet face and immortalize it.

Happy Yule, dearest!

>|: [

Our Annual Christmas Treat, Part I: Fancy Do-dads

You may have been wondering what my gift to Sigyn was.  As has become our custom, we plan to gift one another with an experience rather than a physical token.  We are once again taking in the glass exhibits at one of the galleries on campus.

It’s nearly 80F today, and the winter plantings around the Memorial Student Center building are at their finest.

flowers on the way.jpg

Ah, here we are.  What’s on exhibit today?

The first room has a great number of these pink…things.  I think they might be lamp parts, but I’m not sure.


This is more recognizable. A cameo glass lamp.


But brown isn’t really my color.


Green.  Green is always better.

What have you got over there, Sigyn?


Here an urn, there an urn.  Everywhere an urn, urn!  These generally tend to run toward half-naked ladies, flying people (mostly babies), and flowing drapery.


Take, for example this brown one.  Half-naked people?  Check.  Flowing draperies?  Check.

This one has the flowing draperies, but not so much nudity.


The dog’s a nice touch, though.

Ah! THIS ONE, now.  This one ticks all the boxes.


Let’s examine it a bit more closely.  VERY naked people, lots of flowing drapery, and the gal’s got wings, so I guess flying is going to happen soon.


Sigyn?  What?  What’s so funny–why are you laughing?  Laughing and pointing?



Some days I just don’t understand her…

>|: [

A Most Perilous Feast

It is truly the Eating Season, with an endless round of parties, breakfasts, luncheons, and assorted snacktaculars.  The human female always looks forward to the Departmental Luncheon at work.  It is a time to socialize with coworkers and people who work in other buildings.  A time of hail-fellow-well-met.  But mostly a time of unrestrained gluttony.  Sigyn and I have attended before.  There is usually a good variety of comestibles to choose from, and I am by no means averse to trying a little of everything.

Dammit all to Hel and back!  Just as I was assessing her laden plate, the human female nudged me accidentally-on-purpose, and the unthinkable happened.


Laugh it up, you hag.  I must and shall be avenged.  By Thor’s bitty pall-peen, I hope turkey gravy is not permanently damaging to helmets!

That’s better.  Now, what have we here?


Turkey, dressing, potatoes, gravy, green things, yellow fruity things, the human female’s usual offering of pilaf, some shreddy vegetables, a little ball of something that smells vaguely sausagesque, some red goo, and something wrapped in something leafy.  You distract the human female, Sigyn, and I’ll taste-test to see what’s good.

Sigyn is engaging the human female in a discussion of Yule trees.  Sigyn thinks this one is pretty, and a good size.


I don’t know.  I’m not usually much for flocked trees, but if Sigyn likes it…  Sweetie, you do know that I can frost any tree you pick, right?

Oh, no!  Sigyn’s interaction with the table decor has reached unacceptable levels.


Sigh.  Attracted, no doubt, by the sparkly red balls and the crinkly red paper.  Hold tight, my love.  Loki’s coming.

I think we both deserve a big plate of dessert to allay the horrors of our accidents, don’t you?  Let’s see what’s on the goodie table.


Sigyn is delighted to see that there are cut-out cookies.  Please tell me this isn’t the same bear as last year?  He looks less worried but seems to have acquired some brown…something… on his right ear.  Do I even want to know what it is?

Let’s see what else we have.


Volstagg’s embonpont!  I don’t recognize half of this!  But it looks as if it includes an impressive quantity of nuts, fruits, sugar, and fat, so we’re good.  But look at the lower part of that bear!  The human female has eaten his left foot, but there is a second one underneath!  Mutant bear?  Two bears stuck together?  Bear with a spare?  Perhaps that’s why he looks less anxious this year–he knows he can afford to lose a leg and keep on going.

But has he got a second head?  Let’s see you recover from this, you ursine confection!  Munch, munch, munch…

>|: 9

It’s That Time Again

The spring primroses and thistles are blooming on the roadsides.  The days alternate between nippy and balmy.  Shorts are seen as often as gloves. Some of the trees are starting to show just a smidge of fall color.


Houses and shops are ablaze with tiny lights on a nightly basis.  All of these conflicting signs can only be pointing to one thing.

It’s nearing time for Yule again.

I can foresee that I will be needing to acquire some cash to do a bit of holiday shopping.  Fortunately, the onset of seasonal retail madness coincides with the university’s final exams, so…


Eh he he he.  There’s a small fortune here–coins, bills, a coupon for free food.  Some folks don’t even have that and just leave what they can:


>|: [