Naughty Loki

Disappointing Footwear

Our recent tramp through the woods demonstrated to the human female that her hiking boots no longer fit properly.  (If she had normal feet, instead of malformed trotters, she might be a more appealing and pleasant person, but there seems little chance of that now.)

Thanks to the convenience of the internet, she has been able to order herself some new ones.  I helped her choose them.  Wasn’t that nice of me?

Today they arrived.  That was quick!


The left one fits fine and is “so, so comfy.”  The right one, after a few steps, has demonstrated that it is clearly going to be a misery, so back they go.

Oh, how sad for you!



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All Me, All The Time

The human female somehow managed to “unstick” the photo she likes from her laptop’s desktop.  Goodbye, downloaded photo of Yosemite Valley on a snowy midnight!

Hello, splendid replacement that I put on!

hacked the desktop


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Mischief Update: Where to Start?

I’m already perfect, so I don’t make resolutions, but I do have a goal or two for this year.  One is to be more regular in providing Mischief Updates.  I write about the Big Mischiefs, but not always about the petty, grinding, day to day naughtiness that I thrive on.  Looking back, I haven’t done one since last summer!  To that end, I’ve decided to just sit and type today, and as far as I get is what you get of my infinite naughtiness.   Looking in my Mischief Journal, I have five and a half pages of notes.  I have been a very, very busy boy.

I had the Purveyor of Head Bones send a Second Notice invoice when they shipped some back-ordered platypus skulls.  It woke the human female up–she thought she was in trouble.  I love that deer-in-the-headlights look.

I made a teensy little power outage one day and the freezer with all of the stock of Useful Bacteria warmed up.  I tried calculating all the lost hours of culturing and aliquotting and labeling, but I gave up after a squillion.  And then I laughed as I watched the human female’s minions clean the contaminated freezer.

I arranged for an endless stream of hungry graduate students to traipse through the human female’s office, asking for Teaching Assistant jobs.  It’s such fun to make her have to tell all of those sad, pleading eyes, “No.”

When it came time for the TA training workshop, the human female and her minions were in charge of taping and playing back the practice mini-lectures.  First, I made all the camera cords look like this:

cable woes

What one goes with which TV?  Are the TV’s similarly color-coded?  I don’t know, and neither did they.   Although the minions had checked all the camera and power cord pairs beforehand, I snarled it all up again and arranged that one of the cameras, on the day of, had the wrong sort of output cable.  Then the camera the human female was responsible for somehow had the recording quality set too high, and it ran out of memory right in the middle of someone’s talk.  Embarrassing!  She had to scramble around and get a card reader from the human male and then quickly find the manual for the reader online while everyone was waiting.  Then, at the end of the day, one of the minions dropped a camera.  Odin’s eyepatch, those things are expensive!  It worked for a while, after a fashion.  The display was gone, but if you knew what the display should be, you could poke the right buttons and it would record.  I kicked it a little overnight and the next day it died entirely.  Ehehehehe.  What do you suppose the human female forgets she is one camera down when it’s time for this year’s workshop?

I tinkered with the departmental computer server so that multiple TAs’ directory permissions….vanished.  Others had their cards inexplicably not work to open doors.  The system that lets the human female code door cards wouldn’t let her log in.  Note to self:  this kind of stunt inconveniences a LOT of people.  Must do again.

The folks who were supposed to show up to sell goggles didn’t.  Cue parade of students wandering into the front office to ask where they can buy them.

There was a whole spate of spectrophotometers misbehaving for no reason.

And that brings us just to the end of the first week of last semester!

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They Make Me So Proud

You may recall that I’ve been at pains to train the students to put their microscopes away in amusing ways after they’re finished with them.

The human female’s prep staff has been going through all the lab rooms, making sure everything is all tidy for the upcoming start of labs this semester.  Imagine my pride and pleasure when they found this in one of the cupboards:

scope taking a nap

Sniff!  So, so proud.

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Loki, God of Office Machinery

The copier in the human female’s office gets a lot of use.  Everyone here is intimately familiar with its workings.

Look!  Look at this part:

copier part1

It is clearly Very Important.  See?

copier part2

It even has a number!  Number one, in fact.  It must be Very, Very Important.

copier part3

Which is why I find it endlessly amusing that not one of the humans can figure out where it goes.

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Things That Go “Sloorp”

Midgard, for all its faults and stoopid mortals, does have its good points.  Take, for instance, that awesome convenience, the microwave.  Now, I have magic, so I never have to worry about my food getting cold, or about making cold victuals into hot ones.  But the humans find it very handy for reheating leftovers.

The human female has learned, to her shame, that the plastic lids that go with her glass containers tend to warp in the microwave, or else suction to the container and end up all curvy-inside-out to the point that they will never seal properly again.

This is why the human male purchased some little lids made especially for reheating in the nuke-a-box.  And they work just fine.

Until I get my hands on them.

suctioned lid

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