Random Mischief

Odin’s Eyepatch! I Was Right!

Saying, “I told you so!” doesn’t always bring satisfaction.  My worst-case scenario imaginings have proven to be preternaturally accurate.

Sigyn and I used to have to share the house with one ancient, somewhat crotchety cat who spent most of her time sleeping, but it appears that the household has been augmented by not one but TWO young, energetic felines.

Sigyn is already smitten by the gray one.  She says it looks “sweet and so, so soooooft.”


Be careful, beloved!  It might just be lulling you into a false sense of security.

Still, I have reason to believe we might have less to fear from it than from the other, swirly-sided one.


Stop, you foul beast!  Do not lick my sweetie’s head!

Oh, these two will require careful monitoring as they seem to be very, very pouncy.


They are quite cunning, as well as ceaseless in their pursuit of amusements.  Cat treats in an empty carton slowed the swirly one down for mere moments.


Still, I suppose I should look upon this as an opportunity rather than a catastrophe (pun very much intended.)

There is all sorts of mischief I can teach these two.  The prolific shedding is an innate talent, so they need only be introduced to black dress pants and white blouses.


I believe this is going to be great fun!  I have already taught the Terror Twins to play in their water dishes, scrabble across the laminate in pursuit of toys with the frenzy usually reserved for Stanley Cup finals, sharpen their claws on the doorways, dodge in and out around the humans’ ankles with stealth and agility proportionate to the bulkiness and/or fragility of what the humans are carrying, and meep piteously at 5:00 a.m.  The swirly one eats anything in sight, while the gray one must be shut away with her food until she deigns to finish it, or else the swirly one will ferret it out and wolf it down.

These two felines have two cat beds, a carrier, and two capacious laps upon which to recline.  Yet, at my urging, what are their preferred lounging spots?


The cardboard box from the grocery,


and the human female’s laptop bag!  It has gone from being black and smooth to patchily grayish and fluffy.  Ehehehehehe!

Fickleness, thy name is “Feline.”

>|: [

Uh, Oh.

The humans are, by nature, untidy beings.  In this house, the tables are cluttered, the floor needs sweeping, and the less said about the state of the shower, the better.

Against the background squalor, however, new additions to the flotsam and jetsam are often quite noticeable.

Take this for instance.  It has recently appeared.  Sigyn is entertained, but it makes me uneasy for some reason…


Ugh, Sigyn, don’t hug it.  Look at the gunk caught in its sparklies.  You don’t know where it’s been.

Great Frigga’s Hairpins!  Here’s another new something. Sigyn just sees something furry. I see the eviscerated portent of great and sweeping change.


Uh, oh.  Sigyn, you know what this means, don’t you?


(to be continued)

>|: [

A Cerasiferous Conundrum

Sigyn, look!  It’s another set of twin cherries!  Maybe you and I should have another try at cherry-pulling.  I did win the last one, you know.

Hmm.  This set of cherries has the stems “helpfully” pre-mangled.  They’d be no use for pulling.  I wonder what happened to them?


(Twenty minutes earlier)

Whatcha got there, pup?  Cherries, huh?  Never could afford those growing up, and sure didn’t get any in the war.  Gee, I’d really like to try some, but they’re not mine.  Hey, those aren’t yours either!


Stop!  Bad hyena!  Let go!

: D

How It Turned Out

After being displaced to lodge with Prep Staff for two days, the human female was tagged and released into her own habitat.  (Her supervisors have hopes she’ll stop chewing the radio collar, but I’m not optimistic.)

Here is the new carpet.


Norns’ nighties!  From a distance it reads as a mottled blue, but up close it’s like the Bifrost threw up.  I am going to be able to camouflage all sorts of dropped paperclips, earrings, and lunch crumbs on this stuff.

Sigyn is tickled, because when the human female put all the do-dads and thingummies back in her office, she brought in a few new items.

Like this teeny-weeny-eeny beakerWhich I defy Sigyn to become trapped in.


Sigyn has just noticed that there is more!



What an astonishing collection of miniature lab glassware!


To quote Sigyn:  “Squee!”


She just needs to find a 5 ml and a 1 ml beaker to complete her set.  The 5 ml is fairly readily available.  The 1 ml size is scarcer than a chilly day in Texas in August.   But this gives me an idea of what to buy her for Yule.

>|: [


Exploring New Digs

While the Great Carpet Caper is happening, the human female is lodging with Prep Staff who, as you may recall, currently number only three.  I’ve been in here a few times before, but now I’m taking a good look around and noticing that a few things are a bit lacking in the up-to-snuff department.

Take this phone junction box, for example:


Why, a body could just tug on one of those exposed wires and who knows what might happen?  (Hello, Taipei?  It’s hot here; how are you?)

I am also discovering the answers to some long-standing mysteries.

Such as where all the pens off the clipboards go.


>|: [


The Powers That Be, deciding that having to deal with laboratory finals, preparing for lecture final exams, trying to hire a new Prep Staffer, and training the two new Prep Staffers is not enough to keep the human female and her coworkers busy, have decreed that the whole office is to be recarpeted!  With four working days’ notice and three days to get everything out of the offices.

Cue the frantic emptying of bookcases, the sequestering of files with sensitive documents, and the filling of lab rooms not in use with everything that cannot simply be shoved into the hallway by movers.

What’s left behind is a sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland of dirty carpet.

Here, under the front office secretary’s desk, we have the Ghosts of Lunches Past.


Also breakfasts and snacks.

It’s easy to see where the copier was.


It’s…it’s almost too gross and gruesome to explore!


Except I’m finding money, so…

>|: [