Random Mischief

Nerds in the Woods, Part II: In Which Sigyn and I do Some Nature Art

The human female’s Friends of Lick Creek Park booth has a fun activity  people can do.  It is primarily for the small, sticky people present, but nothing says grown-ups can’t try their hand.

Or, in my case, no hands.  I am moving the green marker using only the prodigious power of my magical mind.


Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Midgardian opossums have some very strange feet…


Sigyn wants to try.  She has selected the fox track stencil.  The people at the booth have urged her to embellish the finished tracing if she so chooses.

Apparently, she chooses.


Well done, beloved!  He is the very essence of vulpine dapperness!  The sunglasses are a nice touch.  All the other kiddies are sure to be jealous.

>|: [


Floral Remnants, Part II: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

In their studies of higher plants, the human female’s students use white carnations to demonstrate the uptake of water by the vascular system.  The Prep Staff puts white carnations in vases of water and adds food coloring.  The plants take up the dye along with the water, blah, blah, blah, details.

Sigyn is entranced by the red and blue versions the human female made.


Pffft!   That’s nothing!  Science is all well and good, but magic is even better:


Chew on that, mortal.

>|: [


Floral Remnants, Part I: Beware the Bilabiate Corolla

The students in some of the human female’s biology classes actually get around to studying flowering plants.  Sigyn thinks that might be the best week in the whole semester.  Not only does she enjoy going to the market and buying armloads of snapdragons, Alstroemeria, and carnations, but the human female lets her have all of the posies that survive the week.

Sigyn especially  likes the snapdragons, because the little flowers can be made to open and close.  A little imagination and a bit of practice, and you can make them talk or sing or tell stories.


This semester, the snapdragons are pink. 

Usually, these blossoms are safe to play with, Sigyn, but watch out!


The pink ones can be a little feisty.

>|: [

Sigyn, I Do Not Think I Like This…

Sigyn has had opportunity recently to have a ride in the car belonging to the Blue-haired Goddaughter.  This small white vehicle was in need of a bit of a clean-out, with all sorts of interesting rubbish strewn about.  Sigyn carried home a few things and is showing them to the human female as things she’d like to try.


What?!  Whoa!  What is this?  “Urban Decay”?


While that sounds very full of mischief and right up my alley, I don’t like the thought of my Sigyn and “naked” together out in public.


And this is just entirely too much!  Sweetie, I appreciate your interest in edgy cosmetics, but let’s see if we can’t find you some with better names.

>|: [

There’s A Candy Bar for Everyone

The humans are back in the market again.  The cart is full of fruits and vegetables, but the female is side-eyeing the candy near the checkout.   She says she can hear it calling her.  She also says that some of the bars appear to be meant especially for me.


I don’t understand what she’s talking about.  (But then, I often don’t.  She’s pretty incomprehensible.)


Isn’t that just like her, though?  Always looking out for my best interests.


Ugh! What is taking the checker so long?!  I just want to get home.  I have things to do!  Hurry it up, people!

Oh, look. One for the human female.


>|: [

They’re Celebrating…Something, Part II: Stuffing Ourselves With Stuffed Things

It’s time to cook all the little stuffies the humans brought home from the market.

Poor, sad, cold little bao.  A nice hot sauna will fix you right up!

bao in steamer

It’s a double-decker sauna, so there will be room for the shoe thingies as well.

shumai in steamer

I hope they’re prettier when they’re cooked, because that raw-looking, fishy-pink filling is sort of grossing me out.

The little pot-sticker dumplings are having a hot bath of their own.  Careful, Sigyn, that pan is likely quite hot!

potstickers cooking

The lumpy cylinders are in the oven and will have to be turned halfway through their cooking time.

All done!  I fiddled with the sauna, so the goodies in there took much longer than anticipated, but everything is finally ready.

The bao might be a little overdone…


… but their innards are still tasty!  Mmm.   Porky bits.

(poke, poke, poke.) I STILL don’t trust these things.

poke shumai

The little dumplings and the Lumpy rolls came out all right, though, so we will not starve!

Let’s open the package of tiny moon cakes. The humans bought these because they were TOO CHEAP to buy one of the fancy gift boxes of cakes from the display  near the checkout.

Hmm.  Like the red and green color scheme, but somehow I don’t think this is a seasoning or icing packet…


Think the humans will eat it if I tell them that it is?

Let’s try one of the purple cakes.


Nom nom nom.   The first ingredient is sugar, isn’t it?  How many little adzuki beans gave up their tiny lives to make this sweet?  They might have died in vain, because there isn’t really any beany flavor.

(poke, poke, poke)


This is truly a  most inscrutable comestible!  I have poked it.  I have tasted it. I have read the list of ingredients thrice over—and I still  have no idea what flavor this is supposed to be!

Mmmm, yellow.

>|: [

This Is What I Have To Put Up With

It is well after midnight, an hour in which all sensible mortals and even all-powerful Gods of Mischief should be long abed and fast asleep.

And I WAS, until a horrible scraping, bumping noise woke me up!  There is a scuffling and a scrabbling and a bonking and a couple of thuds.  Unbelievable!   I fear lest Sigyn should wake also, so I will venture forth, dagger in hand, to see what this untimely disturbance is all about.



Clearly, she is not possessed of  the intelligence vested in an eggplant, but I will give the creature several points for persistence.

Now may we please have some quiet?  Some of us have serious mischief to do tomorrow!

>|: [