Random Mischief

Um, Sigyn…

Well, that little slug fellow turned out to be quite unsuitable as a house guest.  We shall keep trying.


Sigyn, my beloved, I know I told you that you should get out a little bit and make some new friends, and maybe even ask them around to visit, but this is not what I meant.


>|: [


This Time the Human Male Ordered Something, Part IV: All Good Things Include Dessert

There is one last little thing in the box.


This vendor sure does like little organza bags.

Oh!  Now this looks promising!


I’m not sure who Lonka is, but this looks as if it might be something edible.  Tiny, colorful, individually wrapped things often are.

But then, so are erasers.

I have my trusty dagger, Sigyn.  Shall we cut a few samples and find out?


>|: [

This Time the Human Male Ordered Something, Part III: So There IS a Pen In Here

There is  so much whatnot and stuffage in this box that  I am beginning to wonder if there is actually a pen in here.

We shall keep rooting.

Wait—this looks promising.


It is at least pen-shaped.  Let me just pull out the bubble wrap.  (We can have some fun with that later.)


Ah.  It comes out all in one piece.  But yes!


It does look as if there might be an writing implement in here!  The human male likes dark green, so I have good hopes this will be yet another in that hue to go in his collection.



Oh, well.  At least we have a Happy Sigyn.

>|: [

This Time the Human Male Ordered Something, Part II: Everything BUT A Pen

The bizarre postcard is not the only thing in this box.  The pen merchant has included quite a collection of other bits and bobs.

This says, “Chocolate” and we are very hopeful that there is something tasty inside this clever little paper carton.


Hogun’s topknot!  It is just ink!


And it is not even GREEN ink.

There looks to be more ink in this little yellow bag.


Vindication!  One of the ink samples is red and the other is, in fact, green.  I’m sure you can guess what the male’s chances are of actually getting to use either of these…

But wait, there’s more!

There is a little notebook.


And what is this, then?  Could it be?


Is it perhaps?

Wait and see…

>|: [

This Time the Human Male Ordered Something, Part I: Of Boxes and Behemoths

I’ve  mentioned before how the human male is more or less addicted to fountain pens He is a connoisseur, not just of the pens themselves, but of inks and papers and pen wallets and the entire experience.

He has very, very fancy shopping lists.

He has recently spent some of his saved pennies upon a super-fancy fountain pen, and today it came!  Sigyn and I have volunteered to unpack it.  (This demonstrates either a lapse of judgment or a sad, willful ignorance of my propensity for mischief.)

Shall we?


Magic is exceedingly useful for opening boxes–I never have to hunt up the scissors!

This is a well-traveled pen!


Sigyn thinks the QR code would make a fun cross-stitch pattern.

The customs form is not terribly descriptive.


We have the box open now.  Right on top is a picture postcard of a…


…of a…

I give up.  I’m stumped.  If a typewriter and a very small pipe organ had a baby, I imagine it might look something like this.

And if this is what the enclosed pen looks like…


>|: [