Sigyn Speaks

Back at Home for the New Year (Sigyn Speaks)

I enjoyed my little Christmas getaway with Loki SO much, but it’s nice to be home. New year, new plans, new optimism.

It’s good to be back at my own parish, too!

It’s a dear old place. Supposedly, this year will see ground broken on the new church, but this one will always have a place in my heart!

Happy 2021!

: )

A Very Poofy Walk (Sigyn speaks)

It has been a little rainy recently, and the human female has been busy, so we haven’t had the chance to go for a good walk very often. But today is bright and shiny and breezy and chilly, and there’s nothing that can keep the human female and me indoors! We’re exploring what Loki calls the “Neener Walk” today.

The flowers are almost all gone, and the fall color has faded or blown away. What’s left?


A lot of the plants around here make fluff when they go to seed. I want to hug them all!

The goldenrod stalks are still pointy on top, they’re just not golden anymore.

Hug, hug, hug, hug!

The late-flowering thoroughwort is a little pricklier, but still a treat to nestle in.

Hee hee hee! It’s breezy enough that my bed is swaying! The asters are low to the ground and would be less likely to make someone seasick.

Oh, wait, this patch is even better!

Achoo! I sniffed up a little fluff there! Always a hazard of a walk this time of year.

Dandelions are mostly spring things, but you can find them in the fall and winter here too. Always time for making wishes!

It’s not just the daisy family things that have gone fuzzy, the grasses have been busy too! The silver bluestem won’t hold still for a photo, but it’s definitely puffy.

Little bluestem is a bit less floofy, but there is more of it. It used to be one of the main prairie grasses from south Texas all the way up into Canada, but there isn’t much prairie left.

The dry foliage is a nice, coppery color, don’t you think? The new shoots in spring will be blue-green.

I think the Grand Floof Prize goes to bushy bluestem! If you hug just one plant, it should be this one.

It’s so windy today. If I hang on tight, I bet I could get a ride! Back…

..and forth…

..and back again, over and over!

Whee! My walking buddy is making a little movie!

Oh, this walk was such fun! You should definitely go on a walk and see if you can find some fluff of your own!

: )

A Little Snackerel of Something (Sigyn Speaks)

I’ve been helping the human female out with some things around the house this morning. We folded laundry (Flannel Cat helped), watered the plants (Taffy Cat wanted to help), shredded some junk mail*, and blew soap bubbles for the kitties to catch.

Now it’s time for a bite of lunch. I think it’s time to clean out the fridge–there’s a bit of this and a bit of that that need eating up.

Some fruit, some odds and ends of cheese, a few almonds, some Nut Thins. This is good! Something sweet, something salty, something crunchy, something savory.

And the last few grapes. Hmm. They’re still good, but they’re looking a little wrinkly… I know! I’ll just pretend they’re raisins that aren’t quite finished yet!

: )

*It was hard to keep Loki from poking important papers into the shredder. Hee hee hee — I have to watch him every minute!

The Most Wondeful Time of the Year! (Sigyn Speaks)

Loki has been very grumbly recently. Something about the human female and house cleaning. Luckily, the weather is gorgeous. I think I’ll go outside while he regains his equanimity. (I just learned that word. Isn’t it a good one?)

I hear a tiny, high-pitched squeaking. Sounds like….

It is, it is! Looklooklooklook!

The fall hummingbird migration has started and they just love the morning glories and the turk’s cap.

Oh wow! There are several of them! And so busy! I have an idea! I’ll be right back!

The human female and I are back outside. She put on a bright red hat (that says, “Redstone, Colorado” hee hee hee!) and I have put on my brightest red outfit. We’re going to see if we can get some videos of the hummingbirds doing zoomies. If she holds me up, I can get a good view!

We got a video!

And then another!

They are so fast! And so fierce, for such little creatures! There is a lot of chasing and some beak-sword-fighting going on!

Best day ever!

: )

A Box Left Unattended… (Sigyn Speaks)

Loki and I got distracted and left the box of crinkly paper on the table. Wouldn’t you know? An animal came and nested in it!

Who do you think it was?

I bet you think it was one of the kitties. That’s a good guess, but someone found it before Taffy and Flannel!

What do you think–will there be eggs for brunch tomorrow?

: )

C’est Très Exotique! (Sigyn Speaks)

Loki wrote about the plants we found on the new home site.  Today I want to show you some of the more exotic things we’ve found in the neighborhood!

The first one is right out in the front flowerbed!


The lady grew it from a seed.  It comes back every year and makes these enormous, ballerina-pink flowers.  I don’t know what its name is, but I think it may be a cousin of hibiscus.

Hee hee hee!  This one’s in a pot in the driveway.


˙ɐᴉuʍopᴉsdn ɐᴉuʎƃᴉS ʇᴉ sllɐɔ ᴉʞo˥ ˙ʎlᴉɯɐɟ ʇǝloᴉʌ uɐɔᴉɹɟ∀ ǝɥʇ uᴉ s,ʇI

This bush is down the street.  It doesn’t look like much until it blooms and then wow!  Pale pink petals and looong red stamens.  Know what it is?


It’s a pineapple guava!  I can’t wait to come back later and see if it makes fruit–they really do taste a little like pineapple! And the flowers are edible too!  (But too pretty to eat!)

This tree is actually native, but isn’t it fun and tropical-looking?


Teeny little leaflets and bright yellow flowers!  I have to dangle carefully, though, since it has some very pokey prickles!  One of its names is palo verde because the trunk is green.

These blossoms are amazing!  I always think passionflowers look as if they’re from another planet, with all the extra bits and the bobbly stamens and the boingy little tendrils.


And gulf fritillary caterpillars like to eat it, so it draws butterflies.  Best plant ever?  Maybe!

Whee!  More dangles.  I don’t know which is prettier


the pomegranate flowers (with petals that look like crepe paper) or the really cool red fruits.  Luckily, they often have both at the same time, so I don’t have to choose!

And here’s one we had to look up by doing a web search for “maroon wisteria,” and we found it!


The flowers are so lovely, and it’s such a strong, glossy climber–I need to think of a place to plant one at our house!

Aren’t those fun, unusual plants?  I thought so!  You never know what you’re going to find when you go out for a walk!

: )


Doing Some Chalking of My Own (Sigyn Speaks)

Loki thinks that sidewalk-chalking is sappy (though he was very sweet to me about that last one we saw.)  I think it’s adorable, and I want to do some of my own!

But I don’t want to step on the toes of the wonderful people leaving all the inspirational quotes.  What should I do?  Hmmm.  I will need to think about this.

I know!  I can help support all the walkers and homeschoolers (and homeschooling walkers, hee hee!) by being educational.

Lots of folks are plant-blind.  Maybe I can work against that a little bit—encourage people to literally stop and smell the flowers.  I read about someone in France leaving labels on urban wildflowers.  I bet that would work here!  I don’t know all of them, but I can do the ones I know!

These are bright and cheerful!  They’re sure to get someone’s attention.


False dandelions are not quite the same color as the true ones.  (The eensiest bit less gold and a smidge more lemon.)

Ooh!  Ooh!  Look!  See this little fluffy yellow one?


It’s Neptunia pubescens, and  the showy bits are the stamens.

Another little yellow one.


Hee hee hee!  I guess I just like yellow!

But here’s one that’s different!


Don’t you just love that electric blue color?

It’s a little bit sad to think that the labels will wear off pretty quickly, and the flowers will fade, too.

But here’s something I can label that will be around for a long time!


Chalk wears down really quickly on concrete!  I might need some of that fat, colorful, specially-for-side-walks chalk…

Almost out of chalk for today.  I’ve just enough left to leave a message on the walkway that goes by the big storm-water collection area.



It’s the best song ever!     (Listen–it will make you smile!)

: )

Much More Comfy Than a Plague Doctor Mask (Sigyn Speaks)

I know Loki meant well with the protective garb, but I’m very, very glad to be back in my own clothes.

I’m going for a walk.  I’ve heard that more and more of the spring flowers are popping up every day, and I can’t bear the thought that I might be missing any!

Ooh!  There’s something pink over there!

Eeeee!  I LOVE THESE!  They look like something Dr. Seuss would draw.


The stems are kind of prickly, but the flower heads are so poofy!  I could just lie here all day.

But what is that shrub over there?  It has the same sort of flowers, but it’s even better because they’re RED.


I think I’ll ask if we can plant one of these at the house, so I can hug it every day.

Don’t you just love botany?

: )

Doing My Part! (Sigyn Speaks)

I’m trying to keep busy, because it makes the time go faster.  And I like to be helpful!

So today the human female and I are going to sew some masks.  The craft room is full of fabric, so I’m sure we can find something cute and cheerful.

Just look at all of this!


I see scraps from at least two great-nephew quilts!

Isn’t this piece pretty?


I read somewhere that they get the lovely speckles by throwing salt on the dyed fabric while it’s drying.  That sounds like a fun project, but I can’t get distracted now.  There is sewing to do!

Here are some already-strips pieces that might be useful.


Oh?  They’re too short for ties?  That’s okay.  I’ll keep looking!

Hooray!  There were some long pieces of the red fabric, just perfect for notching and ripping into tie-lengths.  (Loki doesn’t know what he’s missing—ripping fabric is fun!)

Now we fold, and then iron.


Sewing skinny ties takes concentration.  But I can do this!


I think this mask should have cowboys.  No one can be un-cheered with cowboys!


Sew the layers together with the ties tucked in, turn right side out, make the pleats, sew around the mask twice..


Hmm.  That’s all right, but the human female found a different and better way.

Sew the layers together, turn right side out, make the pleats…


…and then use long tie-pieces to bind off the edges as well.  It’s much faster than trying to sew the ties in the corners!


There, William, now you can go out for a walk safely!

: )