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Loki Takes New York, Day 9: Oh! I Just Want to Live Here! (Sigyn speaks)

Oh, I always sleep so well when it’s rainy, don’t you?  We’re all rested and ready for today’s adventures.  Today we’re going to visit a place I’ve been dying to see since I first read about it years ago.  I’m so excited!

Actually, I just love everything about this city–the parks, the museums, the food, the tall buildings.  Even the cheesy souvenirs!


Maybe I’ll pop in and get the I<3 NY pajama pants for myself—and don’t you think Loki would like a tall building of his very own?  It’s not the one we keep trying to go up, but it’s pretty iconic and it would make a great backdrop for my sweetie.

One subway ride and one very obliging M4 bus, and we are finally here!!!  The Cloisters is the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Medieval collection, housed in a specially designed building that looks like a castle!


There are all sorts of Medieval columns and doorways and fountains and statuary and artwork and I just love every little pebble of it!

There are four cloisters (colonnaded courtyards), each surrounded by Medieval or Renaissance columns and just stuffed to bursting with colorful flowers.   This is the Trie Cloister.  The columns, which have very fine, carved capitals, are from near Toulouse in France.  What they must have seen in their lifetime!  I wish they could talk.


Yes, Loki, I’m coming.  (I’d like to stay in the garden all day, but someone’s getting restless!)

Everything here is so beautiful!  If asked, I don’t think I could choose a favorite.  How do you compare a stained glass window to a stone angel to …

Oh!!!!!  Do you see it?!   Look, Loki, do you see it!


It is one of the famous Unicorn Tapestries!  THE most famous unicorn tapestry!   Oh, I never thought I’d get to see one!  The plants are so beautiful and so colorful, even after so many hundred years.  And it’s so big!!!  Oh, it was worth coming just for this.

I’m afraid Loki isn’t as excited about all of this as I am.  I have a feeling he is only humoring me.  He is so kind that way.

Now we are in the Treasure Rooms.  This is where they keep all the tiny things that would be swallowed up in the bigger rooms, and that also need to have better lighting.

What a darling little book!  (Yes, Loki, I am “sure it didn’t come out of a box of Cracker Jack.”)


So beautiful–and not lost over so many years!  I’d better not exclaim too much, or I’m sure Loki would try to get it for me.  

Oh, I think I like this last Cloister the best.  it has quince trees and espaliered pear trees on the wall and those big purple Allium balls.


I could just stay here forever, and I know the botanist-Medievalist in the family feels the same way.  I think the menfolks have had enough art and plants for one day, though, and we did skip lunch.  Time for a quick peep through the gift shop and then a trip home.

We’ve stopped between the bus and the train to get dinner.  It’s a chain eatery, but I hear the food is good.  Loki, you’re going to like what I chose.


Turkey and potatoes and veggies.  Just like Thanksgiving!


We are all pretty ravenous.  Won’t be needing a doggie bag!

(later)  What a lovely day.  And it is not over yet!  Our poor photographer is tired, and his knee hurts so he’s going back to the inn, but there is still a concert left if anyone wants to go.   It’s a free concert, so it looks like we’ll have to wait in this loooong line that goes around the block, but the cathedral is BIG, so we’ll probably all fit in.  Maybe?  At any rate, it’s a pleasant evening, and it’s no hardship to stand under a maple tree for an hour.

We made it.  We’re in!  Oh, this place is huuuge…


I know Loki is probably thinking that all those banners would look better with his device on them in black and gold and green, but he has promised not to do any mischief here tonight.

No, Loki.  I can’t see, but don’t you dare blast those nice people in front of us.  I’m sure the acoustics are just fine and we’ll be able to hear perfectly.

Wow!!!  When they start up the organ, the whole building shakes!  It’s very exciting!

(later) That was wonderful!   Thanks for coming with us, Loki.   We have to walk home in the dark, and I feel so much safer with you beside me.

I’m so glad we came on this trip!

: )



A Delightful Lesson (Sigyn Speaks)

Hi!  I am having such a good time on this vacation with the human female and her family!  We are visiting fun places and eating yummy things, and today we get to visit with the grandnieces and grandnephews again!

The human female has decided that the grandnieces are old enough to learn a bit of embroidery.  She won a simple kit on one of her favorite websites and has brought it along as a gift.  Wasn’t that sweet of her?

The kit actually has enough goodies to make two different pictures.  One is a bouquet of flowers and one is this colorful bird.  The instructions are in a recent issue of a magazine, but the human female won that too, so we are all set!  Wasn’t that lucky?


Hello, birdie!

The human female thoughtfully traced the design onto the fabric with a wash-out marker and zig-zagged the edges so they won’t ravel.


The red-headed nieceling is going to work on the bird.  She’s decided that she wants his tail feathers to be yellow rather than green, which should look really good.

The people who put the kit together very generously included whole skeins of floss, rather than a few little cut lengths, so there is plenty to experiment with.  Look!  My favorite colors!


Lesson one is how to separate the strands of floss so that they’ll lie evenly on the fabric.  Lesson two is how to thread the needle.  That can be tricky, especially for little fingers.  The human female brought some needles with good, big eyes.


I think Loki may be coveting one of the larger ones.  Sweetheart, I’m not sure that’s a good idea…

And I really don’t think they’ll appreciate it if you abscond with the dark green floss…


…even if it does match your cape.

: )

Parting Words (Sigyn Speaks)

We’re going home!  The Great Goober’s mumbled slurrings were, “Perhaps,” and the inducement of enormous gems was apparently sufficient to convince him to help us out.  Oh, I’m so glad!   It’s been an adventure, but I’m ready to go home to the humans and the cats and the spring wildflowers, which must surely be out by now!

Besides, the longer we stay, the greater the likelihood of Loki doing or saying something completely unforgivable.  I recall that the Goober has a short temper, and I would hate to fall afoul of him or his large, plushy wife.

And it seems that the Queen want to speak to us before we leave!  Here we are in her private audience chamber, where she is enjoying another of her Paul Bunyan-worthy s’mores.


“I am pleased to have met you tiny folk.  I hope you will visit again sometime, but that your magic, Green One, may improve enough not to land here wildly, without reason or direction, but that you may send yourselves—or better yet, your sweetie alone–directly here to me.  You may leave now, Tiny Horned Man.  I would speak with her without your troublesome presence.”

Oh, dear.  Loki will not be pleased with that.  He’s grumbled off, but I’m sure to hear about all this later.


“You’ll have to keep a sharp eye on that man of yours, Little One.  He’s sly, he’s manipulative, and he doesn’t have manners enough to remove his helmet in the presence of ladies.

“If you’ll take some advice from One Who Knows:  You have to let him think he’s winning. That he’s in charge.  Play to that egregious ego.  I get the feeling he’d do anything for you, so keep him busy taking care of you, and maybe he’ll stay out of trouble.”

Thank you, my Queen.  I mostly do that already.

“Smart woman.  Now, would you care to share this s’more with me?  There is plenty!”


Don’t mind if I do.  Mmmm.  Melted chocolate!


Oh, no!!  What do I do?!  Loki has Iggle-Nix cornered and has challenged him to a duel!  (This is carrying taking care of me too far!)


No, Loki!  Please stop!  I…I know he’s kind of creepy, and I don’t like the way he looks at me, but please don’t fight him!   You don’t know what he can do with all of those tentacles!


Oh!   Oh!   Are you all right!  Are…?

Augh!  No!  Don’t kill him!  If you do, the Great Goober will be mad and we’ll never get home!


Stop it, Loki!  Let him up!  I’m too young to be a widow!

Thank you.  Now, let’s go home.

Pffft!  Boys.

: |

A Timely PSA (Sigyn Speaks)

I try to be a cheerful person and dwell on the happy things in life, but every now and then I have to be at least a little serious.  It’s October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I’m serious about taking care of myself and getting my annual check-up.

Are you a little nervous about getting yours?  It can help to have a friend along, so let me walk you through it.  (I’m keeping my clothes on for these photos, because this is a family-safe blog, but you can bet I’ll get my actual checkup afterwards!)

The people at the Women’s Imaging Center are very nice.  They try to make the whole thing as pleasant as possible.  I think they only hire super-cheerful people for the check-in desk.

They give you one of those nifty gowns with the three armholes.


I always get a little confused about how to put it on, and it seems to come in exactly one size — S, for “Swallow.”

You can lock up your purse or whatever you like in one of their little lockers.   Go ahead and keep the key for after.


Hee hee hee!  There’s always a clipboard with an information sheet to fill out, and the pens in this waiting room look like roses!   That’s so cute!


It usually doesn’t take too long to get called back, but there are always good magazines to look at if you have to wait a little bit.


The exam room is dim, and sometimes a little chilly, and the machine is more than a bit scary-looking, but there’s nothing to be afraid of.  It’s just super high-tech.


Everyone here is in the business of saving lives and just wants to make what is a bit awkward as quick and painless as possible.   Please don’t be embarrassed.  Everyone has boobies and yours aren’t the first ones they’ve seen today.

The machine is very squeezy and you have to stay very still…


…but it’s all over before you can say “high-contrast-mammography.”  The technician may have you stick around for a few minutes.  That doesn’t mean anything is wrong!  They just want to take a quick look at the pictures and make sure they got the images they needed—and that they’re good and clear.

All done!   That wasn’t so bad, was it?   If I can do it, you can too!

Don’t forget to give yourself a treat for being brave.  I’m going to meet Loki and I think we’re going for ice cream!

:  )

Well, Hello There! (Sigyn Speaks)

The storm has brought any number of small creatures out of their hidey holes.  The toads have been singing at night!

And who is this little visitor?


Well, hi there!


Hee hee hee! That tickles!

You can stay, little bug.  You’re among friends here.

: )

A Re-rematch (Sigyn Speaks)

Poor Loki!   The whole cherry-pulling business has made him grumpy and discouraged.  I don’t cheat, honestly!  I…I just think the cherries like me.

I managed to find another pair of twin cherries so we can play again.  Now, in my efforts to cheer him up, I wouldn’t go so far as to sabotage a cherry stem so that he could win.  If he found out, he’d be very mad.  But I did notice which cherry seemed to have the weaker stem, and I’m making sure to choose that one.






Loki!  You did it!  You won!

I think he suspects something…


Loki, look!  Here’s your prize!  It’s the biggest, blackest one I could find!


Anything to keep my sweetie happy.

: )

A Dash to the Outcrop, Part I: Old Friends (Sigyn speaks)

The humans are on their way to the Big City to the South.  Fortunately, the outcrop that the human female and I love so much is on the way, more or less.  We are making a quick stop to see the effects of last year’s controlled burn.

The last time we saw this place, it was on fire.


It looks very good!  There is a lot of new vegetation coming up, including this ground plum (which the human female says is not a plum at all.  Common names will get you into trouble every time.)  It is a true prairie plant, and the fact that it’s here and happy is a good sign.  She says she only sees it in good years.  It will make a big, round legume fruit.


The bluebonnets are back!   This is a different kind than the sort on the roadsides.  This one likes sand rather than clay.


The big yellow flowers and round fruit in this photo belong to bladderpod. The trifoliolate leaves belong to bur clover.


Some botanists say that the bladderpod should be Physaria rather than Lesquerella.  “Lesquerella” is more fun to say!

Loki likes the spiderwort.  Usually, they are blue, but the ones here are more purple.


Wild onions!  They are everywhere!  And do you see the little green bug?


Really, it is hard to walk without stepping on something in flower.  It is a very good year!

: )