Sigyn Speaks

This is the Best! (Sigyn Speaks)

The humans bought some new towels.  They’re a soft, sagey green.  Do you know what the funnest part of new towels is?

It’s what they leave in the dryer screen!


It’s fluffy and warm and like the softest blanket EVER!


I just want to snuggle up here forever!

Is it possible to make fluff angels?


Let’s find out!

: )

Some Fancy Fake Foliage

We are still poking around in the Red Bullseye Market.  Sigyn is such an ardent plant lover that she is gravitating towards various bits of home decor herbage that are scattered in different parts of the store.

This one looks almost real, but not like any plant the human female knows.


If a Peperomia and a Philodendron had a love child, perhaps…

A member of the Pseudopalmae in a trendy clay hanging pot:


Now, I’m no horticulturist, but that yellowing foliage makes me think that poor thing needs some plastic nitrogen, STAT.

Succulents are very “in” right now.


Sigyn, I know you’d like to bring this one home because it’s all rubbery and fun to squeeze, but there are windows full of real plants there and a whole county full of wildflowers just starting to really come into flower outdoors.

I think you can leave the Haworthia targetensis here…

>|: [

MMMmmmm No Regrets (Sigyn Speaks)

I am having such a wonderful day!  We have all decided that shopping in the oil and vinegar store has made us just hungry enough to walk the half a block to the same lovely cafe where we had lunch the last time we were in this neighborhood.  I know that I can always find a little room for dessert—and I seem to recall they had quite an extensive dessert menu!

Hmm.  I remembered correctly!   What to choose?  What to choose?


Creme brulee is always good, but a raspberry tart would be delicious too.  And what is a key lime var?  It sounds so exotic!

The human female and I decided to split an almond croissant.  I can never say no to croissants, and there is no such thing as too much almond!

Look!  Isn’t it divine?


Mmmm.  They warmed it up so that the almond paste inside is just a little gooey and mmmmelty.

You know, Loki didn’t want to come with us today.  He doesn’t know what he’s missing!

: 9


I Don’t Care What the Calendar Says! (Sigyn Speaks)

I don’t care what the calendar says.  We may be a month and more from the first day of spring, but I went out in the yard today and flowers are happening!  I’m so excited!  I just love looking for the first few blossoms, don’t you?

There is a lot of this vetch in the front lawn.

spring yard4

Most people would think it’s a weed, but I think it’s lovely.  The flowers start out in two shades of red purple, but they fade to blue-purple–and then they make teeny little bean pods that are so cute!  I like how it wraps around other plants–sort of like it’s giving them a great, bit hug.

The jonquils are blooming too.  I climbed up to smell them (their fragrance is really strong!) . . .

spring yard1

…and the whole flower cluster swayed to the ground.  Hee hee hee!  I guess I ate a few too many cookies over the holidays!

The patch of snowdrops under the bedroom window is blooming right on schedule!

spring yard2

This is a southern sort of snowdrop that doesn’t need a very cold winter.  The other kind, the one with the three hangy-downy petals, doesn’t do well here, more’s the pity.

spring yard3

But ours still make wonderful hats!

: )


Gathering Haycorns

I think Sigyn and the human female must be part squirrel.  There is something acquisitive in them that compels them to pick up every shiny round haycorn and stuff their pockets with them.  (I suspect the human female stuffs her cheeks with them as well, when no one is looking.)

There is a plentitude of haycorns about–it has been a good year for them.  The actual squirrels are fat and happy.  The human female is also plumping out her sweaters in a way that adds weight (weight–Ehehehe!) to my theory about her secretive munchings.  At any rate, as Sigyn says, “Hooray for oak trees!”



A number of haycorns seem to have followed us home from the park.  Now it’s time for—Great Frigga’s corset!  What is the human female doing with those things?  Is she making some sort of pauper’s haycorn soup?

floating haycorns

Ah.  Sigyn has explained that these haycorns are from water oaks, a species the human female would like to have on the property.  This is apparently the “float test.”  The ones that float have been nibbled internally by bugs and would not sprout.  The ones that sink are still good.  She’ll put them in something damp and tuck them away in the cooling box for a nap and plant them in the spring.  (If she remembers–she has a long and distinguished record of stashing seeds in there and forgetting them entirely.)

Oh, too bad.  A large number of them are floating and there will only be a few to plant.  Human, you have chosen poorly.

However, Sigyn can make excellent use of the remnants.


Mais oui, mon amour, ton petit chapeau est très, très charmant.

>|: [

Starting the New Year Off Right

Sometimes it seems as if the new year doesn’t start on January 1.  It takes a few days to hit one’s stride and really get going on the resolutions.

My main resolution this year is to cause more mischief.  Not necessarily big catastrophes, just more of the tiny, gritty annoyances that wear down the human female’s soul like raspy sandpaper on soft plaster.  Things that will make her fail in keeping her resolution not to swear so much.  (Granted, not many of the bad words come out of her mouth, exactly, but I can tell she’s thinking them!)

Today, I think I’ll start in the kitchen.   She has promised a house-guest waffles.  Waffles!  With real maple syrup!  She never makes waffles at home (only when an inn has a waffle maker), but today she’s going to do it!  She has the batter mixed, but let’s see what happens if I distract her from performing the next, crucial step of greasing the griddle…


Pancakes it is!

>|: [

With Malus Aforethought

I think I know how to make the human female’s love of apples bear fruit. (Snerk!)

She really does keep track of all the different varieties she eats.  She even photographs them:


That’s just a sample.  And look!  She’s even had one of those ‘Winter Banana’ ones!

She keeps her tasting notes in a little book.  Actually, make that “books.”  She’s filled one completely up and is a good way into another.


She records their lineage, their appearance, and their taste. Her favorites get a little star by their name.


Looks like her hundredth variety was a good one.  I’ve made sure she hasn’t found any since.

She has no compunction about lambasting varieties she finds less than stellar:


These little books are like scripture for her.  Her memory’s not so good, so she really relies on them to help her remember which varieties she’d like to eat again and which ones to skip.  No one’s allowed to meddle with them.

Pffft!  Rules.  Let’s see if she notices my little addition…


>|: [