I Think I Still Prefer a Sword (And I Could Use One About Now)

I…I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I find myself wedged into the automobile with Sigyn, the humans and one of their more voluble friends. We are, apparently, en route to the annual fountain pen show in the big city to the north. This means I can look forward to three and a half […]

A Sigyn In Her Natural Habitat (Sigyn Speaks)

Loki is still pouting in the car, muttering about being dragged away from his tabletop battle, and the humans are nosing about in the fountain pen store, so I’m taking this opportunity to go have a good rummage in the bead store that’s in the next block. This place is a regular treasure trove!  I never […]

Little Mischiefs, Part IV: Online Obfuscation

The human female is nearly as finicky about her writing utensils as the human male.  While she does enjoy a good fountain pen, for every day use there’s a particular brand of needle-tipped gel pen she strongly prefers. A year ago, she didn’t know a thing about them.  Then someone left a rainbow-colored set behind […]

Yes, She Is Just. That. Clueless.

With the human female, the truly mysterious becomes clear in time.  The blatantly obvious takes longer.  Sometimes I take advantage of that when planning mischief for her. Take, for example, the strange Case of the Reddish-Pink Menace. The other day, the human female noticed a bit of what looked like reddish ink on one of […]


Let us see what else is under the tree that isn’t marked “Loki” but which can be turned profitably to my use. I am sensing a theme here… The pencil matches the puzzle from yesterday.  That’s cute, but how does one help with the other?  It’s a fancy pencil, one that rotates the lead so […]

She Has Finally Succumbed, Part I: The Show

Longtime minions will recall that the human female has a love-hate relationship with fountain pens stretching back many years and recounted in many posts.  Over the years, she has found a few she can write with without besmirching herself to the elbows, and she’s always been fascinated with all the fancy colored inks.  Recently, she […]

Loki Takes New York, Day 4: Wanderings and Wiseassery

Fortunately for my nerves, the humans are not planning to spend ALL their time in museums.  Do not misunderstand me.  I like a good museum as much as the next man, but by Odin’s Empty Eyesocket the humans are so slow!  The human female has to stop and read. every. single. card. and. label.  The male […]

This Time the Human Male Ordered Something, Part I: Of Boxes and Behemoths

I’ve  mentioned before how the human male is more or less addicted to fountain pens.  He is a connoisseur, not just of the pens themselves, but of inks and papers and pen wallets and the entire experience. He has very, very fancy shopping lists. He has recently spent some of his saved pennies upon a […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green

I know my faithful followers must think that all I do is torment the human female.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  I have plenty of mischief for the human male.  Why, just today I played a very good prank indeed! As you may recall, the human male is quite fond of fountain pens. […]