Loki Takes New York, Day 10: Hel is an Endless Succession of Art

The tickets from the Cloisters yesterday are good at the main 5th Avenue Met Museum today, so that is where we are headed, after a very late start.  This trip involves the C train to the same station we stopped at for the Natural History Museum (Sigyn is waving hello to all the mosaic animals) […]

Mischief Update–Woe is Everyone

I am the God of Mischief, but sometimes I wonder if there isn’t someone higher up the food chain, because I began typing this last week and everything I had just… disappeared.  I have tried several more times since, with the same result.  I suspect the human female’s computer is infested by evil spirits.  An […]

Another Year, Another Mischief Update

The human female is back at work.  I am with her, all decked out in my new raiment.   Am I not resplendent? The new cloak is a bit stiff, and there’s a loose thread tickling my chin, but all in all, much better than the shabby old one.  And –snnnnifffff.   Ahhhhh.  Is there anything […]