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That Which Will Not Grow Back Home, Part III: Thank the Norns We Have Moved on from Azaleas

Thank the Norns!  We have moved on from Azaleas.  Yes, Sigyn my love, the Azaleas are splendid, but do you not grow bored of so many all at once?  Fortunately for my sanity, this garden boasts a number of diminutive maples whose foliage encompasses every shade of green, bronze, copper, and maroon.


The flowers are small and delicate, not really very showy.  No, it is all about the foliage.


That looks like a delightful resting place.  May I join you in the next tree?


It appears that the sun is coming out.  Are you wearing sunscreen, Dearest?  Red is a good color for Acer japonicum, but not for Sigyn faces.

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