A Mischief of Lokis

Winding Down and Filling up (if you like, this is Marvel’s traditional end-of-credits-scene)

After Sigyn’s ordeal and the awful prison food, I want to make sure she gets a very good meal–anything she wants. She has chosen Mexican food. It’s not my favorite, but if my sweetie wants enchiladas, enchiladas she shall have! Benno and Yelp have joined us, though Muffy, Arnold, Remus, Rocket, and Groot have declined the invitation, having other engagements. Muffy has a Kendo Muffin class to teach, Arnold muttered something about electrophoresis, and Rocket is going to be very busy for a week at least, dismantling all of not-me’s evil robots for spare parts and scrap. Arnold and Remus have taken the hyena with them. I know it will end up living with Sigyn and me, but I’m a firm believer in not having random canids at the dinner table. I won’t miss Remus, either, to be completely honest. He’s notorious for hogging the chips.

Sign always orders the same dish–Enchiladas Norteñas. On those, the sauce is made out of tomatoes and not chilies. Really? I don’t trust it, but she never seems to get tired of it.


Of course, if you dump enough cheese on it, anything is edible.

Yelp is a little more adventurous and has gone right for the salsa. Nothing seems to bother him, heat-wise.


म धेरै गर्म सस मनपर्छ। अधिक खुर्सानी ल्याउन कृपया!

I worry about Benno sometimes. He’s shy and not very familiar with Mexican food, and rather than asking for help, he just pointed randomly at the menu.


Sorry, guy. I’m not sharing my flautas.

>|: [


Fond (?) Farewells.


"Well, brother, we have dealt with all the miscreants and will take ‘Evil Loki’ back with us."

"Good riddance. You are welcome to him. I certainly don’t want to see him ever again."

"I swear to you it shall be so. Will you not accompany us, brother? It is far too long since we have had a proper visit."

"Thor, I am not your brother, and you know I wouldn’t be welcome among your Avengers and–"


"No hugs, Thor! NO HUGS!"


"Well, brother. Congratulations on a well-fought victory. Your friends are mighty warriors indeed. You are all welcome to fight with the Avengers whenever you choose."


"Good BYE, Thor."

Ironman: "See you ’round, Sigyn. If old Reindeer Games here gives you any trouble, you just say the word and I’ll–"


"Farewell, brother! Farewell all!"



"Come, my love. Come friends, let us go home."

>|: ]


My beloved must be here somewhere! I can sense her! Perhaps if I follow the grinning hyena…


"Loki! MY Loki!"


"Dearest! Are you all right? Did they hurt you?"


"No, Loki. I’m all right now that you’re here. Oh, it is so good to see you! Is…is the bad Loki gone?"

"He won’t trouble you or anyone else ever again."

"Oh, I’m so glad! Please, can we go home now? I just want to go home."

"Of course, love. There’s an apple cake with your name on it that is no doubt stale by now, but I will buy you as many cakes as you wish."


"Yes, dearest?"

"Can Fisi come too?"

"What–the hyena? But, Sigyn– What do you want with–?



Sigh. "Well, I suppose it did turn and fight on our side. Why not? Why the heck not? Sure, bring the hyena. The more the merrier."


"But I draw the line at rats."

>|: [

Do You Need Help, Brother?





"Brother! It is good to see you! Do you require assistance?"

"What?! Thor?! What are you and your Avenger friends doing here?"

"We have been tracking your evil look-alike. He has caused a lot of mischief in this realm. Let us help you subdue him!"


"I don’t NEED your help! And I don’t need you, Stark!"

"If you say so, Reindeer Games. Looks to me like this is standoff. And don’t you have a damsel in distress to rescue?"


Hawkeye: "Personally, I don’t care if both of you kill one another. In my book, even one Loki is too many, but seriously, let us take this little stinker off your hands."

"Oh, thank you for the offer, but as you can see, the original has triumphed over the bad copy."


"I will, however, let you take out the garbage. . . as soon as he tells me where Sigyn is."

>|: [






Pow! Zap! Augh!


Oww! Zap! Grr! Pow!


“Augh! Get it off! Get it off!”


“Judo–it’s all about knowing how to use your weight.”


“Groot, do you smell burnt sugar?”


“यो मानिस धेरै खराब छ। म उहाँमाथि बस्न हुनेछ।”





“Fisi, you traitor!”


“My friends have your evil army on the run! Surrender!”

“We’re too evenly matched! Join me! We’ll rule together!”


“To the death, then!”

>|: [

Fighting Words




“Where is Sigyn? What have you done with her? If you’ve harmed one hair on her precious head—”

“Your paramour is quite intact. And she can stay that way. It’s up to you.”

“Say what you mean, you inferior copy!”


“Ah, ah, ah. Do you really want to insult the one who is holding your sweetheart and all the cards? You really are incredibly stupid. No wonder you’ve failed so spectacularly at taking over this realm. From what I can tell, you’ve spent all your time playing piddling parlor tricks on the humans and mooning after your girlfriend. Well, you’ve had your chance. It’s my turn now. Midgard is mine. I’ve got what it takes to rule. If you kneel to me and abandon your plans, you can have your precious Sigyn back. If not, the only way to her is through me. That is my bargain.”

“Send your army away. This is between you and me.”

“And have your rag-tag followers free Sigyn while we play patty-cake? Not a chance.”

“Have it your way. I’m not afraid of you.”

“Good, that will make this more fun.”


>|: [

It is time.


"Come, minions. My ‘brother’ and his band of misfits approaches. Time to check your weapons, sharpen your fangs, whatever. Dammit, Jekyll-Hyde! Why are you always late?

"Remember, the other Loki is mine. I will give him the chance to yield to me, but I think he is probably stubborn enough to refuse. If it comes to fighting, focus on his companions, but leave him to me.

"Are you ready?!"




"This is it, friends. My senses tell me that my evil twin and his gang of thugs are holed up in this old warehouse. (Arnold, can’t you keep that beast under control?) Remember: Sigyn is our absolute priority. We get her out. If it comes to it, I will destroy my doppelganger, and I don’t mind giving my life for Sigyn’s, but I don’t expect you to fight to the death. Rescue Sigyn; defend yourselves.


"It is time."


>|: [

Making The Best of It. (Sigyn speaks)

Time just crawls in this place. Four days? Five days? I’ve tried to keep track, but with no windows, it’s hard to know where one day leaves off and the next one begins. Evil Loki comes by every so often to gloat and to ask if I’ve decided to join him yet. Never! I know my Loki will find me.

I am trying to remain hopeful and keep my spirits up. One of the robots brought me a book, so I at least have something to pass the time. It is a truly dreadful book, but it is better than nothing. I have been reading aloud to the hyena, Fisi, and the rats. I think the hyena likes me, probably because I have also been letting it have most of my bread.


Sitting in a bare, smelly warehouse doesn’t give you much of an appetite…

Where were we Fisi? Oh, that’s right. Edward had just rescued Bella from the car.

: )

A Fortuitous Meeting with a Helpful Neighbor.

We have been walking for what seems like forever. I think we’re going the right way–I can sense my evil twin’s presence, and we’ve been moving in the direction that feels foulest. I wish I could teleport a group this large, but that is beyond even my powers.

"Wait! Stop! There’s something in the grass there!"


"You, come out of there! Show yourself."


"Hello, my little gray friend. We are in search of a madman who looks like me. He has kidnapped my beloved, and we mean to rescue her. Have you seen them? She has long brown hair and was last seen wearing red."



"Good! Thank you! Please take us to your uncle. Arnold, get that banana hound of yours under control and let’s go."

"Greetings, most respected elder. We are in search of a beautiful woman, wearing red, in the company of an evil man who looks much like me. He is holding her prisoner. Did they pass this way?"



"どうもありがとうございました. Thank you. It is good to know we are not wandering in circles. I will not forget your help.

"Come on, gang. I have a feeling we are very close now. Hold on, Sigyn, we’re coming!"

>|: [

I think we’re on the right track…

I am frantic to get to Sigyn. If I weren’t persona non grata with Heimdall, I would have him search for her, but he’s not taking my calls.

I have my aura open, all my magic-sensing “antennae” twitching, trying to feel which path will lead me to my evil twin and therefore to my beloved.

Still, it does not do to ignore the physical world. Sigyn’s hanky was a good clue. If we are careful, we may spot other signs.

Hmm. It would appear that we are on the right track. My evil doppelganger and his cohort undoubtedly passed this way…


Though I think one of his minions needs to learn how to spell…


>|: [