a moose on the subway would absolutely have to mind the closing doors

It’s a Tradition

The human female’s family used to have a tradition—the children were allowed to open one gift on the eve of Yule.  The human female says that somehow, it always turned out to be new pajamas—or else a big box of crayons so that they stayed busy and out of the way of the grown-ups and their holiday preparations.

Sigyn has mentioned this way of celebrating multiple times in the last week.  I can certainly take a hint when it is as unsubtle as a moose on the subway.  Very well, Sigyn, we can open one present now.  I’ll even let you choose.

If you end up with socks, don’t blame me

Ah!  Excellent choice!  I have been wondering about this parcel myself.  I have shaken it a few times, but I have not heard anything.  (It may very well be socks.)


It is from the human female’s sister, though, so it is probably not socks.  Presents from her are often interesting, one-of-a-kind things.  For all I know, there’s a zeppelin in there.

The wrapping is actually a sparkly bit of ribbon.  That’s rather clever, and I approve of the color. 


The box appears to be a home-made affair, cut down from something larger.  There is tape, glue, and plastic involved.


What do you have there, Sigyn?  Ah!  It is a most lovely crystal!  It looks for all the world like a giant icicle!


A very fitting gift for a Frost Giant, wouldn’t you say?   Perhaps I shall make it into a scepter.  Or–I know!  We can hang it in a sunny window!  I imagine it will make lovely rainbows.

That is a very good gift!  You can write the human female’s sister a thank you note.  (I do not do thank you notes.)

Meanwhile, I am going to go poke and shake the other presents under the tree, and if there is anything that looks or sounds particularly promising, I shall remove the tag and replace it with one bearing my name.

That is MY Yule tradition.

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