a ton of anything is fattening

Is There Anything to Eat at This Graduation Shindig?

Sigyn, how are you doing, hungry-wise?  I’m feeling a bit peckish.  While the humans are blathering away, let us go assess the quantity and quality of the refreshments.

What are these little leaf-wrapped triangles?  Snacks in bondage!  Most unusual…


There could be anything in there!  The human female wants to try one.  We’ll see if she keels over before trying some ourselves.

Trust Sigyn to find the cookies.  She is very excited.  The human female’s ears have certainly perked up, and her nose is twitching.


(Nibble, nibble)  Mmm.  Meringues with… coconut!  These please me!  The human female, who is perpetually watching her weight, says these don’t really “count,” since they’re “mostly air.”  Never let it be said, however, that I am unhelpful.  I shall eat them all myself (except for the ones I let Sigyn enjoy), just to remove the temptation.

Behold!  The graduation cake.


What are those things covering the bottom tier, Sigyn?  It looks as if it is covered in crushed cornflakes, but surely not?

The human female is going to be brave and find out what all those little round yellow things are, and whether the maroon icing is edible.


Answers:  “Gold sugar sprinkles” and “marginally”

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Nobody Feels Like Cooking

It’s funny how that happens a lot around here.  Instead of banging about in the kitchen, making something someone (not I!) will have to clean up after, we are trying one of the new eating establishments in town.  The human female says she likes to support local, non-chain businessesI say there’s a reason she had to buy larger undergarments.

There are a number of new eateries just north of the campus.  Parking is a nightmare.  While the human male is grumbling, “Really, City?  You thought the way to encourage new businesses is to install parking meters?!” I am quietly pocketing the kickback I get for suggesting the meters to the City Council.

Well, rats.  The human male has found a free place to park.  (I will just have to steal change out of his pockets.)

The food in this place is a mix of Mediterranean and “healthy” things.

I am not sure what this is.  It is certainly very… fluffy.


I figure either it is a Paper Salad, or there is a LOT of lettuce on that wrap.

My sweetie sure does love her greens.  I like the color more than the taste of chlorophyllous foliage, so I’ve started in on the flatbread.


That, at least, I recognize.

I’m still not sure what this is.


(poke poke poke) Oh.  There we go.  Inside the bread, under the greens, behind the tomato, covered in sauce, is some grilled chicken.  This is a rabbit’s version of a gyro sandwich.   Sigyn is happy.

I think I’d rather eat the rabbit…

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