a veritable vitreous abundance

A Very Shiny Tradition, Part V: A Vitreous Lunch, With Some Guests.

All of this glass-gazing and boosting Sigyn up and down have given me an appetite.  All of these fruity paperweights aren’t helping.  Look at all of them!

Apples and pears.


A cluster of…something.


Ooh!  And Sigyn’s favorites–strawberries!


Don’t eat the green ones. They’re not ripe yet.

Our repast has drawn the attention of some critters (none of whom are vegetarians, but whatever.)

This dragonfly has lacy wings,


but I think there’s something wrong with his eyes

Hey, this one looks a little like Flannel Cat.


Oh, now we’re talking!  Look at this venomous little beauty!


And more examples of ophidian pulchritude!


I very much like the spotted one!

And if you look very closely, there’s a little feathery friend for Sigyn here:


Let’s make sure he doesn’t end up in the same case as the cat.  It looks a little hungry

Well, my dear, did you have a good trip to the museum?  You did?  I’m so glad.  Happy Yule, little one.

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A Very Shiny Tradition, Part IV: I See a Little Silhouetto

This exhibit is sorted by them or type.  Here’s a whole case full of paperweights that have silhouettes in them.

silhouette display

Look, Sigyn!  We can play “I Spy.”

I spy, with my little eye, a weiner dog and two little chickens…


Some of the shapes are easily recognizable.  Like this long-tailed tree rat.


Or this pelican fellow:


The sign says this one is a goat.  Sigyn says it’s a giraffe with short legs.  Either way, the critter has righteous horns. Two thumbs way up!


This one is supposed to be a horse.  I don’t see it…


Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Now I do! The one in the middle is not a silhouette.  It’s a face-on view of a horse with a white blaze.  But what are all the other little shapes?

Perhaps I should bypass the alarm and take some of the more problematic ones home with me to puzzle over at leisure.  Sigyn, which one do you want?

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Remember when…

So, do you remember back when I did a thing and the human female’s order for one case of five apothecary bottles mysteriously turned into an order for five cases of ten?

She called and straightened all that out, and five bottles were supposed to arrive last October.

They showed up at the tail end of December. All forty of them. Yes, indeed, four cases of ten! The human female called the account representative with the vendor and straightened it out again. She has been waiting for a particular bit of paper that will let her ship the unwanted ones back at no charge.

Meanwhile, ANOTHER case of ten has shown up! Ehehehehehe! This is what fifty one-liter apothecary bottles looks like:


Except, you know, that they don’t all fit in the photo and there are TWO MORE CASES ON THE FLOOR!

Ehehehehehehe! The human female is NOT happy! The departmental accounts payable people are not happy because the vendor keeps demanding the payment for all of these. The University’s accounts payable personnel are not happy because they would really like to close the books on Fiscal Year 2014. The vendor is unhappy because they have not been paid and they are about to eat a whopping return-shipping bill. The vendor’s account representative is not happy because the human female (who I am certain was a yappy sort of terrier in a former life) pesters her daily to FIX this. The tech staffers in whose office the multitude of bottles reside are not happy because this small mountain of glassware is going nowhere fast.

I, on the other hand, am tickled pink.

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