ages 8 and up

It’s All Fun and Games Until…Part II: …Someone Chokes on a Game Piece

Let’s see what games the humans are playing this year.  There are about a hundred here to choose from. I have to choose carefully to find one to play with Sigyn.

Dearest, do you not want to actually look at the game board and tokens?


I guess stacking the counters is more fun.  Moving on.

This one has a map and a tiny, multicolored populace.  Sigyn, do you want to play?  Sigyn?  Sigyn!


Sigh.  Sigyn is too distracted by the holey currency to pay attention properly.  Very well, my sweet, let us find something else.

Aha!  This looks like a fine game for a Jotun!  Assemble a wintry landscape and claim bits of it for your own!  Definitely soothing on such a hot summer day.  Sigyn has befriended  this gaggle of little red meeples.  See how they clamor and crowd around her!  It’s too cute.  They are probably all going to go make snow angels or something.


I, on the other hand, have definite, more war-like plans for my army of transparent green henchmen…


>|: [