always have a dagger handy

This Time the Human Male Ordered Something, Part IV: All Good Things Include Dessert

There is one last little thing in the box.


This vendor sure does like little organza bags.

Oh!  Now this looks promising!


I’m not sure who Lonka is, but this looks as if it might be something edible.  Tiny, colorful, individually wrapped things often are.

But then, so are erasers.

I have my trusty dagger, Sigyn.  Shall we cut a few samples and find out?


>|: [

A Curious Comestible, Part II: In Which I Bite a Steeple and Sigyn Prepares To Eat Windows

I am still pondering this strange and wonderful world-conquest cookie.  It seems made just for me but still–a church?!  Not what a pagan god wants on his treats!


There is writing on the base of the cookie:


( A bit later: ) I spent a fair amount of time looking for a translation of “Vesele lainoce,” to no avail.  But then I thought that if the decorator squeezed up the initial “V,” they might have squished the second as well.  And it turns out that the “i” is actually an accent mark and part of the “n.”  “Vesele Vánoce” just means, “Happy Yule.”  Makes sense.

But–this is a Yule cookie?  The human female is getting to it awfully late.  I know it arrived after Yule, but even so, it has taken her a few days to bring it out of hiding.  Too busy stuffing herself with butter cookies and sesame ggae gwa ja, no doubt.

Enough gawking and analyzing.  Come, Sigyn, we have some tasting to do!  Good thing I have a dagger handy, because I think whoever wrapped this thing moonlights packaging CD’s.


Damned stupid clingy $#@%^* plastic wrap…

At last!  We have reached actual cookie!  Sigyn can’t wait to taste it.  I can’t wait to see if the bauble in the steeple is really solid silver.


Mmm.  Light: cushiony but a bit stiff.   Not nearly as much spice as the human female’s gingerbread, but clearly in the same family.  Mild and tasty.  Not bad.   Not bad at all!


Great Frigga’s corset strings!   The human female has barged in and taken half the cookie!   Just for that, I’m not telling the greedy wench that the pernik recipe calls for COFFEE, which the human female absolutely is not supposed to have.  Enjoy the sick-making caffeine, you gluttonous blivet.

While Sigyn contemplates eating a whole a row of windows, I shall retrieve the little silver ball.

Alas!  I fear that it is only silvered sugar-paste.  I feel distinctly robbed!


Oh, well. No doubt I’ll feel better after biting off the top of the steeple.

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