always smell the cinnamon before putting it on your applesauce

Spice is Nice, But Plushies are Possessed

The humans woke up today and just decided to “run down” to the Big City to the South.  (Any excuse not to mow the lawn, eh, female?)  Now, if it were just me, teleportation would be involved and our errands would take maybe half an hour.  But since I refuse to waste good magic on bad mortals, “running down” involves two hours in the car each way and all of the accompanying traffic jams, bad drivers, and wrong turns.

Our first stop is Spice Store Number One.  Sigyn and I like this place, though I can do without the prickly, incipient-sneeze feeling that sniffing all the sample jars gives me.

Looking at the jars is giving me some good ideas.  It might be a little hard, though,  to sneak this into the humans’ food…


Hmm.  This stuff is a familiar color, so…


I wonder if the humans would notice before they sprinkled their applesauce, if I swapped this out for the cinnamon?

Sigyn has gravitated toward the kiddie corner, where there are books, crayons and paper, and a small assortment of plush toys.  The cow seems harmless enough,


…though its fatuous, vacant stare makes me wonder about its IQ.

But Blessed Glittering Bifrost!  What in the Nine Realms is this…this… rainbow-hooved and be-horned thing?!


Surely those eyes are portals to a realm of purest evil!

Back away slowly, Sigyn.  Back away slowly…

>|: [