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Quiz Time! Frost Giant or Feline? (Part II)

Our quiz continues today, with more evidence of foul play in the humans’ household.  For each question, your job is to decide —FROST GIANT or FELINES?  Keep in mind that all the suspects are sly, nimble, and hell-bent on mischief.

Question 5:  A Place for Everything and Everything All Over the Place


Sharpie permanent markers are infinitely useful.  Having a few handy in several spots is just good home management.  However, under the cat tree is not their usual habitat.  Given that I like to see the human female frustrated when it comes time to label containers of leftovers or address packages and that anything not nailed down is a cat toy — FROST GIANT or FELINES?   

Question 6:  Very Probably Not Long for This World


The human female is quite fond of African violets.  She has some that have passed their quarter-century mark!  This one is not doing very well.  it seems that its decorative cache pot had no drainage holes and the poor thing was standing in water for quite some time.  Since the symptoms of overwatering are much like those of underwatering, the human female kept giving it “drinkies.”  The horrid pot is gone now, but this little fellow also looks a little sat-upon and may never recover.  Given that I have helped with home horticulture before and that kitties are fond of sunny windowsills — FROST GIANT or FELINES?

Question 7:  A Protective Covering Doing Its Job


The humans have so many books that some of them are in piles on the floor or leaning up against pieces of furniture.  This splendid two-volume set about the glories of Venice came in a decorative slipcase.  As we all know, the purpose of a slipcase is to protect the tomes within, and this one looks to be adhering to those parameters.  Given my distaste for Byzantine architecture and the Taffy’s predilection for sharpening her talons on any available surface — FROST GIANT or FELINES?

So– How did you do?  Did you determine how to apportion blame in this household?  Who deserves the longer time out, me or the furry felons?   Is there any chance the human female will survive all this mayhem with her sanity intact?

(More to the point, why do the humans have a single-volume version of that Venice book if they also have the two-volume??  That’s just nuts.)

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