any takers for a pool on how long it takes her to lose one

So What Was In The Other Box?

I was so excited by my trophy, and Sigyn was so taken with the flower soap and the swan boat–and so busy sitting in my trophy– that we forgot that the package contents were supposed to be at least partially for the human female.

Ehehehehehe!  The gift sender apparently DOES read this blog and knows all about the human female’s truly dismal record with gloves.  There are three pair in here.

A pair of black, high-tech gloves.  I’ll take these–I can use them on the tablet when it’s cold out.


The other black pair is too fru-fru for me, but Sigyn thinks wrist bows are a neat idea.


Now. THIS pair I will let the human female keep. A) They look like work gloves, and Loki, God of Having Other People Do Things, does not need work gloves. B) They are girly. And C) They must be for the dim mortal, because they are clearly and helpfully…



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