Ash Wednesday

Light ’em up

After yesterday’s diary post about cake and kings and sacrificial, inedible babies, the human female sat me down and gave me some long-winded lecture about being sensitive to the religious beliefs of others and how I might try to be helpful rather than scoffing. There was probably more than that, but to be honest, I stopped listening about halfway through. Blah, blah, blah.

She explained some more about what’s going on today. Turns out it’s not about me, which is probably just as well. (I didn’t want an inedible-baby-flavored cake with purple sugar anyway.)

Today’s activities involve burning palm trees so that the resultant ashes can be daubed on people.

Botanical pyromania! Sounds like fun! In the spirit of ecumenical cooperation, I’d love to help. Where could I find…? Well, well, well. Now isn’t that lucky? Look at what’s part of the set-up for some of the labs at the human female’s workplace this week! And as it happens, I am well-prepared for just such an eventuality…


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