at -140 Frost Giants put on a sweater

At the Herbarium: Part IV: Around the Edges

Around the edges of the herbarium space, which is sort of like a large warehouse, are people’s desks. As might be expected, the human female’s desk has a rather large, sloppy To-Do pile. (She actually lost her phone there the other day!) There are also various pieces of equipment, as well as a lot of plants not stored in the cases.

Brr! Welcome to Jotunheim! Well, actually, this is the ultracold freezer.


The ultracold freezer runs at -80 Celsius, which is a mite nippy even for Frost Giants. Nothing can survive in here, so it is useful for freezing incoming plants, to get rid of any plant-eating bugs. The human female says one can also store DNA in here. What is in this vial? I do not know. Something tiny and important?

And, Sigyn–look at all the frost that has condensed right out of the air. We could have a snowball fight or make snow angels. Sigyn? Where on Midgard has she wandered off to now?

Ah. Should have known. She’s found the fuzzies.


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