bad fisi! no biscuit!

Gastronomy Week, Part IV: Ich möchte Schnitzel essen, bis die Schweine nach Hause kommen

In keeping with the theme of revisiting old restaurhaunts, we are back at the German Schnitzel Emporium today.  On our previous visit, we learned a lot about sauces and consumed a mountain of fried meaty goodness.

The human female is ordering her usual, the Wiener Schnitzel.


I understand that she has a lemon out in the car, since the last time she came, the kitchen was actually out of lemons, which means she ate Nekkid Schnitzel.

This place is fun, because there is a lot to look at while we wait for the food.


Sigyn, please tell me you checked to see if that was lit before you clambered up and in.

The half-liter steins are quaint, but not terribly comfortable for sitting in.


Fisi, I suspect you do not want to eat that.  It may be calorie-free, gluten-free, and kosher, but I hear it causes cancer in laboratory hyenas.


Sigyn is admiring the checked ribbon on the menu’s spine.  Contemplating a new frock, my love?


The human male’s beer has arrived.  It is a Dunkel something-or-other.


I guess if I lean over a bit more, it will be a Dunkeloki!

Our meals are here!


Bad Fisi!  Let go!  Sigh.  I can’t take that beast anywhere, and I suspect it may be time to get Fisi’s eyesight checked, as hyenas are not generally known for their love of potatoes.

On ever prior visit, the Dessert of the Day has been something chocolate, and the human female has been forced to sit and watch while others partake.  Today, though, the menu features vanilla cake!


And there is great rejoicing!

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A Strange and Wondrous Beastie, Part IV: In Which it Ends as Most of This Group’s Adventures Do

I think we have just about as many people riding this stridulation-mobile as it will hold.  I mean, practically everyone I know is here already—

–except the hammer-toting oaf.   What do you want, Thor?



You’e not my bro–

BAD FISI!   BAD hyena!  Drop it now!   Thor, hold that mangy animal right there!   If I can get the leg back, I can probably magic it back on!


This is just great.  A whole abdomen full of superheroes and assorted hangers-on and no one can get one measly little bug leg away from a walking doormat with no table manners.  


Sometimes I hate my life.

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I Knew The Human Female Was a Jackdaw…

The call has gone out from one of the departmental building proctor/inventory people, asking that all employees turn in a list of numbered university keys in their possession so that the (incomplete) records can be updated and so that key hoarders will be induced to return the ones they no longer need.

The human female, who collects shiny things, has examined her key rings and emptied her desk drawers.

These are just the ones she DOESN’T need and will be returning.


I think we know now who’s been doing all the hoarding.

And what might be happening to the ones no one can find…


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