A Sigyn In Her Natural Habitat (Sigyn Speaks)

Loki is still pouting in the car, muttering about being dragged away from his tabletop battle, and the humans are nosing about in the fountain pen store, so I’m taking this opportunity to go have a good rummage in the bead store that’s in the next block.

This place is a regular treasure trove!  I never know what I’m going to find.  Last time I was here, I swam around in their loose bead bins.   Today, I think I’ll look at some of their mineral specimens.

Ooh!  Fossils!  They’ve got a trilobitey thing, which is pretty neat, but I bet the human female would like this leaf even better.


Oh, my stars!  Pyrite geodes!  They’re sooo sparkly!  Loki would love one of these.


Almost room enough to curl up and take a nap in.  Now why does that sound so familiar?

Over here they have some big quartz crystals.


Hee hee hee!  How funny! Three Sigyns!  And all of them are hungry.  I should go find the others and see if it’s time for lunch!

: )

Sigyn and the Tiny Shinies

Our second stop in the Big City to the South is Spice Shop Number Two.  We have managed to secure a parking spot right in front of the establishment!

Which appears to have been de-establishedSo sorry, human male!  Looks like you will have to order your urfa chilies online from now on.  You will have to console yourself with a trip to the Purveyor of Pens, which is fortuitously just in the next block.

Sigyn and the human female are taking this opportunity to have a good snoop in the bead shop which is next door to the defunct spicery.

Now, keep in mind the human female does not need any more beads.  She has bags and boxes and jars and strings and hanks of beads.  She and Sigyn must be part magpie, though, because it has taken them approximately ten seconds to dive into the broken- strand bin and start swimming.



Though I saw to it that they did not emerge with the bronze-colored jump rings the human female initially entered the store for, they have emerged with quite a haul.  There are three strands of faceted beads with the matching larger beads that they had to sift the loose beads for.


I heard the human female counting to fifty and muttering something about “decades”.  I can only assume that that is how long it’s going to take her to actually finish the project.

>|: [

This is actually fun.

After sifting through all the green beads and helping Sigyn choose the prettiest red beads–and rooting around in everything else looking for treasures– I think I understand the human female’s compulsion to accumulate seed beads. They’re very pretty.

And you know what? They look best when you can see all the colors together.

Which is why I am going to open every luscious package and mix them.


And when the hundred or so tubes and bags and jars are stirred all mingle-wise together*, I shall roll around in the resulting vitreous rainbow like a dragon on its hoard.


Sorting it all back out should keep her out of trouble for a while.

>|: [

* Except, course, for the ones that go on the floor, in the carpet, down the sofa, and under the cat.


The guests have gone, but the human female’s mother is still here. As yet *another* late Yule gift, the human female is trying to make her a necklace. She has dragged out the entire contents of her bead “stash.”

Look at all the shinies!


Magpies have nothing on this woman.

I see beads and wires and pliers and string and crystals and … things I can’t even identify.

I have no confidence that she can put together anything worth wearing. My money is on her ending up with something lodged up her nose and at least three containers spilled all over the floor. Therefore, I’m calling her stash forfeit.

I am taking all these lovely gold beads.


And all the green things.

Sigyn is enamored of…. Oh, I don’t even need to say it, do I?


>|: [