bet she forgets she can go out the back door or the garage

Evil Machinations

Although my mischief is mostly magical, I’d have you know that I am also quite mechanically inclined.  I’m a very tactile person.

Truly!  There’s nothing like tinkering with intricate bits of metal.


Sometimes I like to take things apart just to see how they work.


Tsk, tsk!  Look at that!  Plastic parts!  They don’t make things to last anymore.  The modern generation has no idea of craftsmanship.


Ah. I see now how this works and what mischief I can achieve.  Loosen this.  Tighten that.  Over-stress this other bit.   That, right there.  And with a little sorcery-aided metal fatigue…


This doorknob will come right off in the human female’s hand next time she goes for the mail.


>|: [