A Dash to the Outcrop, Part II: Not Everything Here is Friendly

There are so many flowers here today that they wouldn’t all fit in one post.  Sigyn is happy to see them. She especially likes this penstemon because the flowers are so big.


I sort of like the old plainsman.  What looks like a single flower is actually a cluster of tiny ones.  They can be hard to key out since the classifications keep changing–I like that too.  A frustrated human female is more fun!


This barbara’s button is constructed the same way.  Before the head matures, it’s easier to see that it’s made up of many tiny little florets.  But I suppose only dorky botanists really care about that.


Idunn’s little green apples!  The human female is dropping slanty Latin names right and left.  Where I see some boring yellow flowers, she sees Tetraneuris linearifolia, Medicago lupulina, and Linum berlandieri.


Aha!  This is more like it.  This is the wickedly poisonous DEATH CAMAS!


We saw it  (and the penstemon and the old plainsman) when we were here two years ago.  But note the date on that old post–about a MONTH later than today.   The flora is behaving bizarrely this year.  Plants that usually flower in January or  February and those the human female usually finds in April are all piling into March.  Something is definitely weirdAnd I didn’t do it

Um, Sigyn, you might want to head back to the car.

I really don’t want her to see these next bits.  Judging by all the little plates, this used to be what humans around here call an armored dillo.


And this, unless I miss my guess, is the part of the bunny that goes over the fence last…


Nature in action, folks.   I think I need to hustle my beloved out of here.  Anything big enough to take apart a cute bunny is big enough to take apart a cute Sigyn!

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