but i’m pretty sure it’s just for show

Deck The Fa-la-Jingle Holly

Mortals, the sillies, believe that there are only seven deadly sins.  Oh, I can think of waaaay more than that.  Still, if I had to limit myself when outlining the human female’s pecadillos, I would have to go with sloth, every time.

She is very late in decorating for Yule this year, but today she’s actually going to do it.  She has dragged the monstrous tubs o’cheer down from the attic.


This is just one of them. That woman can cram more tat on a defunct evergreen than anyone I know.

First, the lights.


Tsk, tsk!  Tangles!  I don’t know, Sigyn, this looks pretty hopeless–and I haven’t even started to “help” yet.

Well, rats.  Those are the old lights.  Apparently, there are new lights. Brighter, energy-efficient, and considerably less Gordian.  Sigyn likes the red ones, of course.


But I think the green ones cast more dramatic shadows.


DUN dun dunnn!

So, the colored ones are up all right.  Let me see what I can do with the white ones, though.  Hmm.  If I smash just one… a whole bunch of them won’t light.  Eh he he he!  Rather than one of the paired strands not lighting, how about just the first three feet going dark?  let’s see how long it takes her to figure it out.

Still waiting.

Waaiting.  She’s found the defective bulb but can’t seem to get it out of the socket.

Waaaiting.  She’s pried the bulb out of the socket and is struggling to get a replacement in.

Waaaaiting.   Having finally consulted the directions about “What to do if you can’t get a replacement bulb in,” she is struggling to do as they say and dismantle the dead bulb and the good bulb and thread the little metal wires from the top of the good bulb into the old base and try THAT in the socket.  That might just work!

Or it would have, if I hadn’t smashed the old one so completely that there’s nothing to grab onto to commence the dismantling.

And there we are!  The light (so to speak) has dawned at last, and she has at last figured out that it’s a twinkle bulb that’s out and not a steady one, and that even though the twinkle bulbs are bigger, their bases are just a bit smaller.  Problem solved!  Time saved over untangling and trouble-shooting the OLD lights?  None!  Ehehehehehe!


Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Those purple ones are really bright.  And I’ve tweaked a few things so that the new white ones, rather than fading slowly in and out like serene fireflies in a dusky forest, are flashing off and on like spastic pixies.

All this mischief has made me thirsty.  Sigyn, bring your new friends,


and let’s go get some eggnog.  We can come back later to see how the actual decorating goes…

>|: [