but not itty bitty banana cream pies because those things are just gross

Food! Color! People!

The summer is when the humans typically like to Go Places and Do Things.  All of their good vacations have happened in summer.  This year, they haven’t even made the run down to the Big city to the South to visit the Purveyor of Pens and the Large Market.

But we do have a treat today!  We are making a masked, socially-distant visit to the local Farm Produce Store, which we shall call the Smaller Yet Still Fun Market, or SYSFM, for short.

Many years ago, this establishment started out selling only produce.  They toyed with meats and deli items for a while, abandoned that, and later branched out into a rather good selection of nursery plants.

Sigyn (wearing an invisible spell mask so her cute face is not obscured), has not made it past the entryway, entranced by the displays of succulents.


She think the yellow Sedum should come home with us.  I’m sure the Terror Twins would find it delightful.

Sigyn, did you see the—?   What are you doing?


If you hug every one of the string of pearls individually, we shall be here all day…  But since that might annoy the humans, be my guest.

While she does that, I shall look at the produce proper.  I’ve always liked these things because, hello?  Edible ghost flying saucers!


I have so many questions.  Who bred these things? Who thought this was a good look for a squash?  How does one even eat them?  And just… why?

Sigyn has joined me!  Of course, she has gravitated immediately to the red and yellow peppers.


Remember that these are the wickedly hot ones, sweetie.  If you hug them, you’ll have to remember not to touch your face! (Feel free to touch the human female’s face.)

Oooo!  Ooooh!  What are these?!


They’re green and pokey and bitter and I want one. 

That squeaky noise you hear is Sigyn falling in love with the tiny, tiny eggplants and talking baby talk to them.


I guess they’re for if you only want a tiny, tiny moussaka.

And then these would be for itty bitty banana splits.


Wandering and looking at all these fun things is tiring, especially while keeping six feet away from everyone and trying not to slip in the copious water puddles on the floor.  (The human female has gone down once already.  She made a very humorous splatty sound.)

Sigyn, therefore, has found a comfy place for a little rest.


Angel flake coconut for my own sweet angel.

The side room of the market is usually full of pumpkins in the fall.  But it looks as if it has been converted into a mini-grocery with specialty products, many of them imported.  Fancy breadsticks, oddly-shaped pasta, strange fruit juices, flappy round breads, and all manner of candies and cookies.

It’s August.  It’s warm.  My clever Sigyn has found the coolest place in the market.


She has also found some delicious-looking yogurt in her favorite color. She is quite content.  I may never get her out of there.


We did end up making several purchases.  Some of the breadsticks followed us home, as well as this bag of apples.


They’re tiny.  The human male is amused.

They’re red and yellow.  Sigyn is besotted.

They’re a kind the human female has never had before!  She’s excited.

I got to watch the human female fall down.  I’m still chuckling.

Good day all around.

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