Caesalpinia pulcherrima

A Bush Made Just For Me (Sigyn Speaks)

A few weeks ago, the human female planted a new little shrub in the front yard.  Something called “Pride of Barbados.” It has fabulous, feathery, ferny foliage (and isn’t that fun to say!), but it didn’t have any flowers.

But now it does!  And now I see why Barbados is so proud!!

pride of barbados

They’re red and yellow, my two most favorite colors, and they are perfect for dangling!

Loki says he needs my help with something indoors, but I am having WAY too much fun out here.  Sorry, sweetheart.  Your mischief will just have to wait.

: )

She’s a Lying Liar Who Lies

The human female never ceases to whine about how hard it is to garden in this town.  How awful the soil is.  How miserable the weather, how salty the water.  How it simply can’t be done.  Moan, moan, moan.

Today, Sigyn and I are visiting the home of one of her neighbors, a very nice man who lives just a few blocks over.  His beautiful yard gives the lie to all of the human female’s excuses.


See?  See?!  Bright, happy color!  You won’t find anything like this at home, eh, Sigyn?

Just look at these big, pillowy Zinnias!


If one does not care for yellow, there is plenty of purple Verbena, just right for lounging.


The gardener here says that part of his success is using native plants like this Anisacanthus.

It’s easy to grow.  Just give it sun and an occasional drink and BAM!  Flowers all summer long!

It’s just pure laziness that keeps the human female from growing beauties like this Esperanza.*


Peekaboo, Sigyn!  I see you!  Is this your favorite plant here?

Ah, no. This is.  Of course.  Could there be any doubt?


>|: [

*She tried growing one once, but it didn’t receive enough sun in that bed, and she was too lazy to move it.  Then a cold winter finished it off.