cake does not a marriage make

I Have an Answer

I am frequently asked to explain Sigyn.  As if mere words could hope to capture her blithe spirit, her unfailing kindness, her sense of childlike wonder.


“But what is she to you?” the Nosy Parkers of Midgard ask.  “Is she your girlfriend?  Your wife?  What’s the deal?”

The deal, O Pestilent People, is that…it’s complicated.  For my part, I loved her at first sight.  I wooed her, I fought for her, and braved all sorts of dangers for her and with her. There was a ceremony, and there was cake. I have rescued her times without number, and I know in my heart she has saved me.

But are we actually married?  Are vows, when exchanged with someone who is little better than a stranger, binding?  Are alliances contracted in an alternate dimension valid in this?  I do not know.

I suppose, if words are required, you can simply call her…


My Sigynificant Other.

>|: [