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It’s All Fun and Games Until… Part III: …Someone Flips a Table and Stomps Out

Late at night at these gaming gatherings, the Party Games come out.  Rather than intricate, rule-heavy board games with a squillion little pieces, these are usually fast, friendly, slightly silly games that can be played by tired, slightly punchy players.  You know, games even the human female can comprehend.

This one is card-based and seems to have no rules other than “pick a card and play a card.”  Players can win or lose at the drop of a hat–or the throw of “scissors” when everyone else throws “rock.” Mayhem usually ensues.


I must say, this appears to be right up my alley!  Laughing evilly comes quite naturally to me.

Or, we could play this one.  Each person writes a word or phrase from a randomly drawn card, then passes the word secretly to the player on the left.  This second player draws the word, then passes just the drawing to the person on the left.  This next person writes what they think the drawing is.  The next draws, and so on, alternating words and drawings.  After each word has gone all the way around the table, the resulting scribble is compared with the original word, usually to much hilarity, since mortals are usually really terrible drawers and guessers, especially when there is the pressure of a sand-timer running out.

I, of course, am a supremely gifted artist.  Witness my very lifelike portrait of my not-brother:


Doesn’t matter what the original word or phrase is, I just assume it’s always “how to get rid of Thor” and have at it.  The game comes with these clever dry-erase tablets and markers. I have used a permanent marker, however, because I know the humans will want to save this masterpiece forever.

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