careful sigyn those oatmeal cookies might have Roundup in ’em

Something for Everyone

The other way I know that summer is drawing to a close is that, at the human female’s workplace, it is Teaching Assistant Workshop time.  All of the new graduate students who will be entrusted with broadening the minds of undergraduates are shaped, formed, taught, armed with tools and resources, and herded from one discussion or mock-teaching event to another.

And fed.  The graduate students must be fed. 

This year, the human female was tasked with purchasing the comestibles and drinkables for the ten-day event.  Sixty participants, six snack breaks. Three hundred sixty snack servings, three hundred and sixty drinks.  Rev up the SUV, drop the seats, grab the departmental charge card and off we go!

I love helping spend other people’s money.  And if Sigyn and I help choose, it  means we will like whatever we can snitch  whatever’s left over.

The human female was asked to provide healthier snacks than last year’s offerings, which leaned quite a bit toward the candy and cookie side of things.  So half the drinks are water.  I guess I can live with that.

By Idunn’s Golden Orchard, though!  Does she really think these young people are going to eat fruit?!


Sorry, old woman.  No one wants your raisins.


This!  This is better!  More of this!


Now we’re talking.  Two thumbs waaaay up from Sigyn!


Ah!  Chips!  There must be chips!


Sigyn says it doesn’t matter about anything else as long as she can have orange fingers.


We’re back and have unloaded.  The snacks are all being stored in one room.  The human female conceived the notion that this sign will stop pilferage.


That’s cute.

(munch, munch, munch)

Just for fun, I haven’t told her about the two snack sessions that don’t show on the schedule and which she didn’t plan for.  Either she’s got to make things stretch, or she’ll have to make another run.  Oh, and I made sure to tump the apples over on the ride back to campus.  Those bruised beauties are going to be even less a-peel-ing than the raisins.

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