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Getting Sucked Into Another Hobby, Part I: La Plume de Ma Tante

I have mentioned before that the human male and his friends are fountain-pen aficionados, and that the human female is no longer allowed to play with them.  You’d think she’d realize that she already suffers from S.A.B.L.E.  (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy) and does not need another hobby, no matter how she longs to find that elusive “perfect pen.”  Mostly, I think she just wants to play with unusual colors of ink.

Still, she and the human male, during a recent mild illness, were too floppy and pathetic to accomplish anything useful, so they amused their coughing, sneezy selves by trying to find some combination that results in pleasant writing for her and not in tears and puddles.

It’s not as if the human male doesn’t have a lot of pens for her to try.


Piston-fill or cartridge?  Maybe converter?  Steel nib or gold?  Demonstrator or opaque barrel?  Pelican?  Pilot?  Noodler’s?  TWSBI?  So many choices!  Then there are the nibs–broad, medium, fine, very fine, ultra very fine… And weird ones like music nibs and stubs.  Auugh!  Too many choices!

The human female, I must admit, actually has rather nice handwriting, when she tries.  She probably needs at least a fine nib.  I have done a little reading and have convinced her that she probably wants either a Japanese posting nib or a Japanese flex nib like the Namiki Falcon for doing some fancy things.  It goes without saying that posting nibs are very hard to find in this part of Midgard, and the custom-ground Falcons are in the price range that would have her looking to sell a body part.  I could have steered her toward something obtainable and  inexpensive, but where’s the fun in that?

Sigyn, how about you?  As long as we are talking pens, what would you like?


Red.  Sigyn just wants red.

>|: [