1…2…3… Agree!

I mentioned in passing that, even though the human female has been stuffing her face with cherries these last few weeks, Sigyn and I haven’t found a twin cherry to have our annual cherry pull.

It’s been disappointing because it’s a serious tradition around here.  Sigyn usually wins.  We tied once, and once she let me win, but usually she ends up with the bigger piece of stem and gets her wish.  Good thing for her she’s so cute

At last!  This particular bag of red cherries has a twin cherry waaay down at the bottom.


Are you ready, Sigyn?  I’m going to win this year, just so you know.



My beautiful, my most beloved, my supremely excellent Sigyn has just had the most brilliant idea.  Why struggle–why compete–why strive and make wagers, when we could both just agree to wish for the same thing and have done?

3…2…1… WISH!


Got what we wanted!

>|: 9

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Odin’s eypatch, where does the time go?!   The grass on the roadsides is turning tawny, the mosquitoes are living it up, and the outdoor air has all the physical properties of a lukewarm bath.  I  have blinked once since last year’s festivities and suddenly it’s cherry season again.  Sigyn and I have been doing this for years—when the cherries come in, we have our annual cherry pull.  Sigyn usually wins, and I have my suspicions about last year’s results…  Still, it’s a Tradition, with a capital “T”, and Sigyn loves it so, and thus here we are.

Hmm.  This year’s fruit looks a little smallish and under-ripe.  It is a little early.   Perhaps someone jumped the gun a bit with the harvest.


Come, my love.  Let us get my humiliation over with.


1…2…3…  Tug!


Gnnnngh!  Idunn’s little apples!  The stems this year are most monstrously strong!


Pull pull pull pull, pull ……..



Heels over horns!

Ow.  Sigyn, light of my life, are you all right?  You’re sure?  Well, thank goodness for that.  No, I am not injured either.  Let us examine the results.


Is that…?  Do my eyes deceive me?   We appear to have tugged to a draw!  We both have an intact stem and a bit of the connector.  I didn’t think that was even possible!

I suppose we shall have to wait for another double cherry to come along and go best two out of three.   

Stay tuned!

>|: [

A Re-rematch (Sigyn Speaks)

Poor Loki!   The whole cherry-pulling business has made him grumpy and discouraged.  I don’t cheat, honestly!  I…I just think the cherries like me.

I managed to find another pair of twin cherries so we can play again.  Now, in my efforts to cheer him up, I wouldn’t go so far as to sabotage a cherry stem so that he could win.  If he found out, he’d be very mad.  But I did notice which cherry seemed to have the weaker stem, and I’m making sure to choose that one.






Loki!  You did it!  You won!

I think he suspects something…


Loki, look!  Here’s your prize!  It’s the biggest, blackest one I could find!


Anything to keep my sweetie happy.

: )

It’s That Time of Year

It’s that time of year again, something Sigyn and I look forward to with great anticipation.  Yes indeed, it is time for our Annual Cherry Pull!  So far,  Sigyn has won each and every contest.  Fortune certainly smiles on my beloved.

But this year I feel lucky!  Come, my love, let us commence our cerasiferous competition!

See, I have selected a particularly succulent pair.


Sigyn, while you inspect your half, I think I shall make a little maneuvering room.


About here should do it.  Are you ready?


1… 2… 3… PULL!


%$@&!   By Yggdrasil’s blessed root hairs!  Not again!  This has to be rigged.   I suspect the human female of tampering with the cherries.


Best two out of three?


>|: [

It’s All Fun and Games Until… Part IV: Someone Is Caught Cheating

The battle I have most looked forward to at this gaming gathering is my annual Cherry Pulling Contest with Sigyn.  This is our third year, and so far she has won every match.  I do not know how she does it.  Cheating?   I cannot believe it of her!  Perhaps she simply whispers to the cherries and they gladly do her bidding?


That didn’t take long. Best five out of seven?

>|: [

Gaming Gathering, Part III

Come, Sigyn, let us see what delicacies await us on the refreshments table. These gatherings are famous for sporting a wide array of delicious junk food.

By Volstagg’s embonpoint! Who brought this?!


Someone is trying to ruin things with a platter of healthful vegetables. This will never do.

Oh. I see Cheetos over there. After what happened last time, I must keep Sigyn away from them. (Her hands are still orange!) Look–over there! Do you see? It’s some of those rainy cherries you like so much.


I think Sigyn plans to camp out there in the bag and just eat her way out…

(Later) She’s been in there a while. Let me see if I can find something to entice her to rejoin me.

Aha! These will do! I know what these are–the human female’s Knittery Friend has made these before. They are the most scrumptious little cookies imaginable and the human female is quite helpless before them. To her great consternation (but the salvation of her waistline,) the recipe is a Family Secret Which May Not Be Shared.


I knew that would get you out. It looks as if there are not many left. Let us carry them into a quiet corner and indulge. The humans will just have to make do with the rabbit food.

>|: [