China King, Part 4–Defective

These cookies are defective! One of the humans has received the SAME saying as I have.

Sigyn, look in the other half of our cookie and see if there’s anything else in there.


Hold! What’s this?! The horrible red monster has returned! Prepare to die, you chitinous…!

Wait– It is apologizing? It wants to be friends now? Ah, I see. It has received some good advice. Welcome, minion!


>|: [

China King, Part 3–An ingenious confection

I was able to drive the red-clawed menace away. The meal can proceed!

We have reached the dessert. Sigyn, observe this cunning cookie!


The humans are breaking theirs open to reveal strips of paper with wise sayings on them.
(In Asgard, the food very rarely talks back or offers guidance.)

I am already very nearly omniscient, but by all means–let us break one open and obtain some wisdom for ourselves!



I do not think this cookie knows me very well…

>|: [

China King, Part 1–What manner of food is this?

Sigyn and I have accompanied the human female and her friends to another eating establishment.

I have no idea what any of this is.


What are those black bits? What is that…fried thing? That other fried thing?

I have poked this yellow object that is covered with some sort of flaky material. It wobbled.

Then poked back. I… I think it may be alive. Sigyn, back away slowly…

>|8 [