cords come in two sizes–just a tad short and much much too long

Spreading the Annoyance Around

See this little orange box with its round black snout?  It’s my latest nice bit of mischief.


It is a fancy, very expensive video camera that can be attached to a microscope to capture whatever is going on under the microscope and send it up to a television in one of the teaching labs.  A wonderful invention.  When it works.

But it doesn’t work. I was merely practicing some of my unarmed combat maneuvers and something inside proved to be of decidedly inferior craftsmanship.


Because funds are tight and there isn’t room in the budget for new electronics, the human female is trying to be Resourceful.  She has called the manufacturer.  She explained to them that yes, it is definitely out of warranty; no, she doesn’t have the original invoice (its purchase predates her tenure); and no, she can’t afford to replace it.  Some of my silver-tongued skills must be rubbing off on her, because the manufacturer has actually agreed to take a look at it–free of charge.  It’s probably hopeless, of course (my money’s on toasted power supply), but Midgardians can be so foolishly, naively hopeful.  It’s almost endearing.  Almost.

So she’ll pack it all up by the numbers–one camera, one copy of the RMA form, two boxes, two layers of padding, ship-to address in three places, four copies of the shipping label– and send it on its way via Unrepentant Package Squashers.

In the meantime, the human female and her Prep Staff have put a spare camera in the lab this defunct unit came out of.  It was their last spare.  And it works all right, but its little connector cable is too short to reach the microscope in that particular lab.  Time to order another cord!  With BAMN.  Ehehehehe!

I am so bad.

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