Sounds of the Season

The humans may not be decorating the house for Yule much this year (on account of the Terror Twins), but that hasn’t stopped me from making sure they enjoy the sounds of the season.

Carols on the stereo.  Laughter at an office party.  The sweet tinkle of icicles and jingle bells.

Oh, wait.  That’s not bells.

Aw, rats!  I orchestrated a broken glass, but I didn’t mean for it to be one of the green ones.


But you have to admit, it’s a pretty fantastic shrapnel pattern!


There!  Out in the garage!  Didn’t that sound like the chiming of bells?

Ehehehehe.  Noop.


It used to be a very festive candle holder.


Oh, humans, quit your whining.  You needed to sweep out the garage anyway.


Shh!  Did you hear that?!  That is either the tippy-tapping of reindeer hooves…

…or the felines are running amok again.

>|: [