Revenge of the Flora, Part 22: The Rest of the Credits

Awesome Movie Banner:  Becca Z.

Stan Lee Minifig:  MangaFigs

Soundtrack:  What soundtrack?

Filmed on location in Central Texas

No animals or plants were harmed in the making of this film, although the banana was slightly bruised.




Revenge of the Flora, Part 20: Credits, Continued

Location Scouting:  Human Female

Editing:  Human Female

Post-Production:  Human Female

Special Effects:  ILM  (Industrial Lego Magic)


Stunt Coordinator:  Sticky Putty

Stunt Doubles:  All characters performed their own stunts!

Props:  Human Female


Catering:  Human Female, Sculpey, & Fimo


Revenge of the Flora, Part 18: The Credits

Producer:  Human Female

Director:  Human Female

Screenplay:  Human Female

Cinematography:  Human Female


Casting:  Human Male, Human Female, Human Female’s Mother, Zac S., Amy B., John B., The Knittery Friend, the M family, …

86-car by cohen

Rocket’s kick-ass car:  Designed and built by Cohen B.