MMMmmmm No Regrets (Sigyn Speaks)

I am having such a wonderful day!  We have all decided that shopping in the oil and vinegar store has made us just hungry enough to walk the half a block to the same lovely cafe where we had lunch the last time we were in this neighborhood.  I know that I can always find a little room for dessert—and I seem to recall they had quite an extensive dessert menu!

Hmm.  I remembered correctly!   What to choose?  What to choose?


Creme brulee is always good, but a raspberry tart would be delicious too.  And what is a key lime var?  It sounds so exotic!

The human female and I decided to split an almond croissant.  I can never say no to croissants, and there is no such thing as too much almond!

Look!  Isn’t it divine?


Mmmm.  They warmed it up so that the almond paste inside is just a little gooey and mmmmelty.

You know, Loki didn’t want to come with us today.  He doesn’t know what he’s missing!

: 9


The Humans Have Odd Friends, Part III: Dessert!

That was wonderful!  Sigyn and I took one of those little spacecrafts out for a test flight.  They’re tiny, but so fast, and so responsive!  The controls are easy to master, too.  Why do not the boring humans I live with have craft such as these?  Oh, right.  Because they’re DULL.

Ah!  See, Sigyn, as I promised–we have returned in time to sample dessert.  I approve of these small candies.


They’re definitely a good color.  They should all have little L’s, though, and not those silly m’s.

Oooh, Sigyn–look over there!  Sleipnir’s feedbag–what an array of tempting sweets!  I see pie and cookies and more cookies and some clever candy mice.


(munch, munch)  I am glad now we eschewed the main courses–more room for pie!  Sigyn, my petal, aren’t you going to sample any?

Oh.  Should have known.  Too busy making friends with the mice.  You can cuddle them here, dearest, but you cannot bring them home with us.  They would just scurry under the furniture and the feline would be up all night howling after them.  You and I are perfection, of course, but the human female needs all the beauty sleep she can get.

>|: [