Thank You, Xylem (Sigyn Speaks)

The human female’s students have been studying Angiosperms, which is just a fancy word for flowering plants. I like this week of lab, not just because I just adore flowering plants, but also because there are always leftovers.

Look, Loki!  Today, it’s carnations.  I bet you’re wondering about the colored water.


The carnations started out plain white.  If you put them in colored water, the flowers will take it up, and it will travel upwards in little tubes called xylem


…and the dye gets deposited in the petals, leaving a lovely, stripey place to have a little sit!


Loki, shall I ask the human female if there are any more plain white carnations left?  I hear this works just as well with green food coloring!

: )

A Guide to the Campus Flora, Part II: Looking on the BRIGHT Side

Thank the Norns, we quickly descended from the Tree of Emesis and have crossed the campus to have a look at the planters in front of Sbisa dining hall.  There are some interesting plants here. Even the human female, with her much-vaunted botanical knowledge, is impressed.

Sigyn likes this vine.  It is awfully… showy.


And this!  This is a Salvia, but instead of having properly sedate red or blue flowers, it has garish, bicolored blossoms.  The human female says it is called “Hot Lips.”


Gaudy” is what I call it.  I can’t imagine it plays well with other plants.  But it’s fun to climb–care to join me?

Oh, look at these.  Sigyn is now a very happy girl.


It doesn’t matter that they also come in a pastel version with cunning little markings…


… No, with Sigyn it’s red, red, and only red.

>|: [