do not adjust your set

Making Mischief is MY Entertainment

The humans spend their long, home-bound evenings in various pursuits.  I made sure the female’s elbow woes have flared up, so embroidery is out, but she and the human male are catching up on some reading.

That sounds very erudite and literate, but I feel honor bound to inform you that they are also watching television.  And not something cerebral, either.  No, they are watching a long-defunct series about a small town where Weird Science Things happen.  It’s the mental equivalent of eating potato chips.

Just to shake them out of their re-broadcast lethargy, I’ve arranged a little puzzle for them:

wonky TV

Do you remember what episode you were on?  And if you do, can you FIND it?

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo–mixed-up installments of your show!

>|: [

In search of goodies, Part VI: Spectral anomalies

Augh! We are shopping *again*. No trip to the big city would be complete without a trek to the big, big food market the humans like so much. The female, particularly, just can’t stay away from the produce.

We’ve BEEN here. We’ve DONE this. RECENTLY. I am bored of vegetables.So you know what? I’m just going to let my magic flit and flutter about in here and make them all a little more interesting. Let’s turn up the color a bit.


The beets will be yellow.


The kohlrabi will look even weirder in purple.

I can’t do much with these tomatoes, but the asparagus will be more fun if it is white and purple.


And cauliflower? Pfft! Three new colors, none of them white…


I will make all the peaches be white inside…


… and then I shall sit on them and squash them all until they look like little inner tubes.

Now can we go?

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