don’t buy the Campanulas the female will just kill them

In search of goodies, Part I: In Which We visit Mr. Joseph’s Mercantile

While we are in the big city, the humans–piggish to the last–want to try to visit various markets and purveyors of comestibles. I have no objection. Sometimes they buy things I find very tasty.

So here we are at a place named for its owner, Joseph. Supposedly, it sells a lot of fancy foods, but so far, you can’t prove it by me. We haven’t made it past the vestibule because Sigyn has found a little pot of Campanula flowers.


Not a great photo, but there’s no mistaking that joyful smile.

There is a nice selection of succulent plants, too. This gold-colored one is particularly nice.


Come on, sweetie. Don’t you want to look at yummy things?


Oh, yes…. Chocolate yogurt definitely counts.

>|: [