don’t know my own strength

Not As Advertised.

The human male came home the other day with a pair of kitchen shears.  Now, if it were up to me, I’d just use a dagger, because there’s nothing I can’t do with a knife.  But he wanted them for cutting up poultry or opening stubborn boxes.  The human female allowed as how they’d be useful for snipping herbs or sticky dry fruit into itty bitty pieces.

They looked sturdy enough, all heavy blades and business-like black handles.  Even had grippery teeth between the handles for wrenching open bottles and jars and suchlike.  Grrr!   Fierce!

Silly humans.

Nothing.  I repeat, NOTHING


…is Loki-proof.

>|: [

A Most Perilous Visit, Part II: Danger Everywhere!

The knittery friend’s house is full of interesting and beautiful things.  Take for instance, this sparkly new carafe.  It’s one of the old-fashioned ones with the glass that goes on upside down for a lid.


Sigyn is quite entranced by the shiny.


You can stay and admire the carafe as much as you want, sweetie.


I’m going to go see if the children have any fun new toys.  I’ll be back in a bit.


Not a moment too soon, evidently.


(later)  Now that Sigyn is recovered from her fright, it is time for some adventure.  The knittery friend’s clever spouse has installed an ingenious pegboard in the kitchen.  It is useful for getting all the odd-shaped bits of cookware out of the cupboards.


It also makes a marvelous climbing wall!

How are you doing down there, Sigyn?


I have conquered the wall!  Time to jump down and go in search of celebratory beverages!



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