A Bucolic Idyll, Part V: In Which Things Go Bump and We Have Unexpected Meetings

The riding did not go well.  Benno kept falling off, Muffy’s horse couldn’t be budged from grazing, and Arnold developed a spectacular allergy to bovine dander.  Therefore, we have opted to tour the farm on a hayride, sans cows.  Rocket has the tractor running, so everyone load up!


No, Fisi! Bad hyena!  Stop biting the tires!


Drive, Rocket!  Drive!


Ugh. I am dusty and sore from bouncing around in the back of a hard and overcrowded cart.  Note to self:  hayrides are only romantic if there is a minimal number of occupants and a great deal more hay for padding.  Thank goodness we are nearly back at the farmhouse!  Sigyn, I don’t know about you, but I could do with a shower and some lunch.

By the Norns!  I believe we have unexpected company!


“Thor!  Man of Iron–what are you doing here?”


“Brother!  Is it not fortuitous?  Sigyn’s friend’s acquaintance’s cousin’s brother’s sister-in-law’s uncle is none other than Clint Barton, who has mysteriously acquired this farm!  He bade us visit whenever we like.”


“Yeah, Reindeer Games.  Pull up a chair or a hay bale or something, pop open a beer, and chill out. Totoro, move your scruffy butt so Sigyn can come and sit by me.”

Sigh.  Sigyn, you and I are going to have a long talk about full disclosure when we get home…

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A Bucolic Idyll, Part IV: A-riding We Will Go

Muffy rescued Groot in time and we decided that the horses’ energies would be better directed towards a good long ride.

For her courage, Muffy had first pick of the mounts.


This beast seems much more placid.  Benno and Yelp ended up on the bitey one.


“मेरो मित्र, तंग मा पकड – यो घोडा शरारती छ”

Arnold and Remus… Well, let us just say that they are unconventional.

arnold riding

Sigyn, my love, have you chosen  a steed?  Away we go!


>|: [



A Bucolic Idyll, Part III: Making New Friends

Making new acquaintances can be an exciting part of visiting someplace new.  It is not in my nature, but I suppose it costs nothing to be friendly.


Marty, no!  Not that friendly!

Fisi wants to know more about the cow.


Specifically, how does it tasteBad Fisi! Bad hyena!  No biscuit!


Meanwhile, this horse seems very interested in Groot.


Hang on, Groot!  We’re coming!

>|: [



A Bucolic Idyll, Part II: Exploring

Our host (Mister MacDonald?) does not appear to be on the premises, so we are making ourselves at home.

Yelp became a mite overheated on the drive down, but he can fix that.


चिसो पानी मेरो चाक मा राम्रो महसुस।

“Observe, Remus, ze Fledermaus upon ze ceiling!”


Rocket has wasted no time in finding mechanicals to dismember.


“Hand me that socket wrench, there. I’ve almost got this loose.”


Benno is not sure if he wants to meet the livestock.


And… that would be a “No.”


>|: [


A Bucolic Idyll, Part I: E-i-e-i-o

Old MacDonald had a farm…

Well, maybe it’s his.  I never did catch a name, but Sigyn, thinking that a day in the country would “do us all some good,” called a friend who knows someone whose cousin’s brother’s sister-in-law has an uncle with a farm, and she arranged a visit for us all.

Oh, goody.  Animal dander, pollen, and manure.  Can’t wait.

So here we are.  Take it all in, folks.


Barn: check. Silo: check.  Tractor: check.  Farmhouse, pig pen, and critters: check.


Stench that will never come out of my cloak:  Check, oh check.

Sigyn, on the other hand, is over the moon.  She and Muffy are cooing at the livestock in that special high, squeaky voice females reserve for anything small, furry, or otherwise “cute.”


Sigyn, that’s not “cute and friendly.” That is “smirking maniacally.”  You know horses have big teeth, don’t you?

Sweetie, why don’t you come over here?  There is some very nice…um…poultry.  That’s it– come and see the chickens.


“Loki, can we…?”

“No, Sigyn. Sorry, but no. The farmer loves all his little chickens and wants to keep them. We are not taking any home with us.”

Heimdall’s pointy helmet, that was close.  Luckily, I was able to distract her with swine.  Sigyn thinks the “piggies” are “even nicer than horsies and chickies.”


She sees new friends.  I see ham, roasts, and pork chops on the hoof.  Hmmm.  I wonder if the farmer counted his pigs recently…

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