each bead weighs about 0.01 gram.

An Uncountable Multitude of Tiny Shinies (In Which Sigyn Demonstrates Some of Her Many Skills)

I hear that the human female has received a box today and that it is in room 313.  Let us explore, beloved (and see if any mischief can be made.)

Inside the box there was a bag, and inside this bag there appear to be a number of smaller bags…  Whatever it is, it’s not getting loose in a hurry.


Great Frigga’s Corset!  The contents of the bags appear consist entirely of tiny beads! Has the human female finally found a way to make the University pay for one of her hobbies?


I can’t imagine a biological use for them, unless she’s going to make the gravel in the bottoms of the fish tanks a wee bit more colorful.

Ah.  Sigyn has reminded me that “The lab exercise uses the beads to simulate organisms, with the white “animals” being homozygous recessive for some trait, the black ones homozygous dominant, and the red being heterozygous.  The students scatter them into various colored rugs and then do “natural selection” by picking beads (predation) at random out with a pair of tweezers.  The survivors, unplucked, go on to form the next generation.  This is done for several generations, and the students do the math about changes in allele frequencies, using the Hardy-Weinberg equations.”

Sigyn!  When did you become so familiar with Population Genetics?!  I am impressed, to say the least!

Oh, Sigyn says she doesn’t know what all of that means, she just remembers hearing the human female say it, because the words are “silly and fun to repeat.”  Sad to say, that sounds more like my sweetie.  She is clever in her own right, but she is in no way the next Darwin…


Yes, this is much more her style.  Beloved, if you wish to make bead angels, you will need to take them out of the bag.

I find myself rather vexed.  Sigyn has her red beads to roll around in, but there is nary green bead to be seen.


Perhaps if I look through the catalog, I can find some to order.  With the Department’s money, of course.  (I’m not stupid!) In the meantime, I do like black.

(A bit later.) The human female has demonstrated her one brain cell.  Each color of beads needs to be divided into six equal portions, one for each lab room, plus a spare.  Acknowledging her pathetic lack of skill in counting that high, she concluded that it was easiest to weigh the bags, then divide the contents by weight and put equal milligrammage into each of six jars.  This she has done.  The jars of white beads and black beads are all tidily apportioned.


But I suspect the weight of one of the red jars is going to be a little off…

Sigh.  Hang on, Sigyn, let me get you out before you smother…

>|: [