eupatorium serotinum

A Very Poofy Walk (Sigyn speaks)

It has been a little rainy recently, and the human female has been busy, so we haven’t had the chance to go for a good walk very often. But today is bright and shiny and breezy and chilly, and there’s nothing that can keep the human female and me indoors! We’re exploring what Loki calls the “Neener Walk” today.

The flowers are almost all gone, and the fall color has faded or blown away. What’s left?


A lot of the plants around here make fluff when they go to seed. I want to hug them all!

The goldenrod stalks are still pointy on top, they’re just not golden anymore.

Hug, hug, hug, hug!

The late-flowering thoroughwort is a little pricklier, but still a treat to nestle in.

Hee hee hee! It’s breezy enough that my bed is swaying! The asters are low to the ground and would be less likely to make someone seasick.

Oh, wait, this patch is even better!

Achoo! I sniffed up a little fluff there! Always a hazard of a walk this time of year.

Dandelions are mostly spring things, but you can find them in the fall and winter here too. Always time for making wishes!

It’s not just the daisy family things that have gone fuzzy, the grasses have been busy too! The silver bluestem won’t hold still for a photo, but it’s definitely puffy.

Little bluestem is a bit less floofy, but there is more of it. It used to be one of the main prairie grasses from south Texas all the way up into Canada, but there isn’t much prairie left.

The dry foliage is a nice, coppery color, don’t you think? The new shoots in spring will be blue-green.

I think the Grand Floof Prize goes to bushy bluestem! If you hug just one plant, it should be this one.

It’s so windy today. If I hang on tight, I bet I could get a ride! Back…

..and forth…

..and back again, over and over!

Whee! My walking buddy is making a little movie!

Oh, this walk was such fun! You should definitely go on a walk and see if you can find some fluff of your own!

: )

Here a Neener, There a Neener, Everywhere a Neener-neener, Part I: Reruns

We are once again making our daily constitutional an act of defiance against the supposedly private path belonging to the Large, Ugly Apartments. What floral delights are on display today?

Looks like some things we’ve seen before, for starters.

We have a few last, confused Evening Primroses. What is wrong with you? You should have finished months ago!

With the advent of (somewhat) cooler weather, the proper fall flora is beginning to come into its own. Some are plants that we’ve seen recently but which are now putting on a better show.

The Mistflower is nearly as exuberant as my beloved. It is breezy enough and Sigyn dangly enough that no part of this photo is in focus.

The St. Andrew’s Cross has cooperated with a nice bloom this morning.

(sniff, sniff) No scent that I can notice, though. You could put a little more effort into things, you know, Mr. Hypericum.

More Fuzzy Bean. It and Sigyn are climbing all over everything.

The Late-flowering thoroughwort, which we looked at back in July, when it had only a few blossoms, is just covered now.

The one in the human female’s front flowerbed is similarly clothed. It is literally weighed down with bloom and is nodding over the lawn–where it will spawn hundreds of vigorous and inconvenient seedlings next spring (with a little encouragement from me, of course.)

Finally, we have the brilliant, electric-blue Dayflower.

We never get tired of this plant. If the human female is nice to me, I might try to establish a colony at the home, just so we can have a glimpse of this color every day. Goodness knows she’ll never manage it on her own.

>|: [

Free At Last! Neener-neener-neener! Part II: It’s Tiny White Flower Day!

Great Frigga’s hairpins!  Is nothing the human female  photographed today in focus and properly exposed?  Maybe her eyes, like a mole’s, are still trying to adjust after being holed up for so long.

To make it worse, she’s trying to take photos of white things.  That’s always a hit-or-miss proposition.  Or, in her case, mostly miss.

This little bit of a thing is called polyprim.  Even when all a-bloom, it’s pretty inconspicuous.


There are tiny white flowers in there somewhere.  Sigyn thinks they’re “cute.” I think they’re out of focus.

I was excited for a moment there.  I thought the human female said this was a crouton plant, and I was going to come back later when the croutons are ripe and crunchy, but evidently I misheard.


It’s a croton.  Botanically interesting (I guess), but a lot less tasty on a salad.

Tiny white flowers on a bigger plant: boltonia

I can hear you thinking, “Those are big white flowers.  Bigger than Sigyn’s smiling face!”  But these are in the daisy family, blah, blah, so each “flower”  is actually a capitulum, blather, blather, plethora of very small individual flowers, yadda, yadda, receptacle, blah, phyllary,  yah, yah, yah.

My human female impression is improving daily.

You know it’s summer when the gaura starts flowering.  It’s tall and wandy and has very, very soft leaves.  Sigyn loves it.


The human female is annoyed by it, because all the local species of Gaura were quite happy being Gaura, but the Powers That Be decided that Gaura needed lumping into Oenothera so she has to unlearn something, which always makes her frowny.

Speaking of frowny:  I’m not crazy about the idea of dangling from barbed wire.  It seems like a bad idea to me.


But it does afford Sigyn an up-close view of this late-flowering thoroughwort.  Snort!  No one calls it that.  It’s a big, weedy Eupatorium, is what it is.  The human female’s front flower bed is full of the stuff.  She let some go to flower one year and that’s all it took.  Hers is about seven feet tall and hasn’t flowered yet.  It’s all rangy and untidy and I’ll keep planting it because it “ruins the aesthetic.”

And finally, we have the little white flowers on this beautyberry.


Or maybe they’re very, very pale pink?  With the human female’s camera skills they might just be overexposed.

Are you done looking at flowers, my love?  The sun’s getting high and it is getting mighty warm out here.  What do you say we turn for home and retreat to our nice, air-conditioned abode.  It was quarantine, but it was a cool quarantine!

>|: [