fall color

What Sigyn Did With All the Colored Leaves

Sigyn came home from our walk yesterday with a double armful of colored leaves.  She and the human female have shut themselves up in the craft room and are Doing Something with them.   I’ve been instructed not to look until it’s all finished, and I can hear the occasional giggle from behind the closed door.

I’m patient.  I can wait.

It’s finished? I can look now?

loki sigyn collage

Sigyn!  That is really beautiful!

What happens if we turn the lightbox on?


Really, really lovely.  In this season of giving thanks, I am SO thankful for you, my dear.

And now let’s have some leftover pie!

>|: ]

A Very Colorful Fall Walk, Part II: Sigyn’s Other Favorite Color

By now, I assume everyone in Midgard knows that Sigyn’s favorite color is red.  It’s bright and cheerful, just like she is.  Thus, her love of holly berries and sumac is easily explained.

She also has a soft spot yard deep and a mile long for anything yellow.  Good thing for her that there’s a lot of it round about these days.

The winged elms are usually the first thing to turn around here.  Their color has been variously described as number two pencil, Kodak film box, schoolbus, or macaroni and cheese…


They stand out among the green as if they were lit up from within.

The goldenrod is decidedly more lemony in hue.


They’re usually tall and wand-y, very hard to climb, so this bent-over one is a treat to sit in.  Sigyn thinks the flowers look like little stars.  And she’s not wrong!

Usually, the greenbriar is tangled up in the trees like so much botanical barbed wire.  You don’t see it until it has hold of you, and then—ouch!

Today, though, it’s announcing its presence in an unmistakable way.


And now Sigyn’s REALLY happy, because she’s found a couple of greenbriar leaves with both of her favorite colors!


Of course you can bring them home with us!   You bring the pretty leaves to admire, and I’ll bring the prickly stem to…hide in the human female’s sofa.

This is what I call a successful walk!

>|: [

A Very Colorful Fall Walk, Part I: A Mighty Pretty Palette

I asked the human female, and it isn’t my imagination.  The autumns are definitely becoming more colorful around here.  I’m not sure if it’s all the extra rain or the combination of mild days and cool nights or what, but things do seem a little extra bright this year.

(The fact that Sigyn loves colored leaves so much has nothing to do with it. Nope.  I absolutely did not up the xanthophyll and carotenoid content of the foliage. That’s preposterous!  Not I!  No way would I meddle…

…Well, okay.  Maybe I helped a little.)

Sigyn and the human female are doing one of their Neighborhood Walks to have a look at all the colors.  I’ve tagged along to make sure that Sigyn comes to no harm.

The bald cypress trees around town have outdone themselves this year.


One of my favorite pranks is to tell clueless gardeners that all those falling rust-colored needles means that the tree is dying and should be cut down immediately.  I once got a landscape professional to cut down a whole ROW of them at a botanical garden, before someone applied a clue-by-four to his empty noggin.

Even some of the oaks have colored up this year.  This blackjack has a distinctly rosy tint to its usual paper-bag brown.


For sheer brilliance, though, nothing can beat sumac.


It’s very nearly the perfect place for my beloved to hide!  But I see you!

The farkleberries are sporting some Aggie Maroon,


As well as some missed-by-the-birds blue-black fruit and one very graceful half-Asgardian dangler.

Other plants have fruit too.  These yellow nightshade berries may look like little tomatoes,


but they are not even remotely edible.

Bet I could sneak some into the next batch of the human female’s stir-fry…

Oh. There you go.  It was only a matter of time.  Sigyn has found her favorite perch.


No matter what’s on offer, she always seems to like sitting in holly bushes best.


Looks like a bumper crop of fruit for the yaupons this year.


And the possumhaw is decked out as well.

It’s been a full morning of admiring and dangling–and we haven’t even made it halfway around the block yet!

>|: [

A December Walk

The human female is taking advantage of just a bit more good weather to go for a little walk and see what’s what.  This is about the time of year that this part of Midgard gets its best fall color, which is just plain silly.  Sigyn hopes to see some today because, as you know, she is just a bit partial to the red portion of the color wheel.

Missed it by that much:


Still, a bright yellow willow with its toes in the water is very nice in its own way.

Ah, here is some red!


Edges do so count!

And here is some more red.


The human female says these “parsley-leaved hawthorn” fruits are edible.  I am all for picking some so that the human female can make us some jam, but Sigyn would rather just do gymnastics and leave the fruits for the “birdies.”  Just as well.  I was noticing today that my cloak is a bit ragged ’round the edges.  The last thing I need is to shred it even more scrambling about in thorny bushes picking little pomes.

Is there anything actually blooming?  It’s a rare day indeed that Sigyn and the human female, between the two of them, can’t find something in flower.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking very closely and–


Well, there you go.  Clever girl!

Fandral’s mustache wax!  Sigyn, look at this!  This is that one–you know, the one the human female can’t abide–the one that makes mortals all sneezy and cross.  What’s it called, again?


Oh, right.  Ragweed.  It usually flowers in October or so, but I’ve tinkered with the weather and rain enough this year that there is a nice crop of December bloomers.   Looks like it is primed and ready to churn out buckets of pollen.  Hold on tight, sweetie–I’m going to shake this stem good and hard when the human female bends down to take a closer look.  Ehehehehe!  Maybe they should call it “Snot-rag Weed!”

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