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Quiz Time! Frost Giant or Feline? Super Extra Bonus Question

This morning, the humans were greeted by a very curious sight.   It would appear that the felines’ little red lobster has learned some acrobatics.


That is a most accomplished crustacean!  It has skipped right over downward dog,  child’s pose, and even tree pose and gone straight to Salamba Sirasana. Although one can’t help but wonder if such a pose is consistent with the continued health and optimal functioning of the creature’s eyeballs.

Now, I’m sure that this creature, not having a great deal of room in its cephalothorax for a brain, did not come up with this stunt all on its own.  It obviously had help.  Given my delight in leaving little surprises for the humans and the felines’ ability to do strange things with their toys:  FROST GIANT or FELINES?

Actually, this is another trick question, because it seems we have actual photographic evidence of the deed in progress.


Why Sigyn, you little scamp!

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