fried chicken–it’s what’s for breakfast

Living High on the Hog

The human male and female rarely get to sleep in, but sometimes they do.  This morning, the human female has been an utter slug and is just now rising.  Lazy mortal!  I have been up plotting mischief for hours!

Oh ho!  It appears that the human male has lured her out of her nest of blankets with the promise of breakfast at a new cafe which has opened in the neighborhood.  I am feeling a mite peckish myself, and my sweetie deserves a treat, so I think that we will join them.

Look, Sigyn–they have a statue of the human female by the door.


The interior is bright and homey.  Let us have a look at the menu.


They serve eggs and other typical breakfast foods.  Sigyn, however, has zeroed in on something called “Biscuit French Toast.”


I think just reading the menu is 500 calories.

We have given our order at the counter and been given a corresponding wooden spoon to take to our table.


Two observations:  1)  Our spoon says “T“, and 2) Sigyn is not as good a hider as she thinks she is.

The human female ordered the fried chicken waffles biscuit french toast.


Oh, I am so naughty!  I had them garnish it with an okra pod, to which she is allergic!  If she removes it, she should be all right, but it’s my first bit of mischief for today, and I think it’s a good one.

The human male ordered the dreamsicle biscuit french toast.


I think Sigyn is contemplating bypassing the biscuits altogether and just diving into the orange mascarpone…

Mmmm.  Everything is delicious!  The humans have each eaten half of their food and then swapped plates, so we are all sharing.  The syrup for the chicken has black pepper and sage, while the orangey syrup and fluffy mascarpone are causing the human female to make embarrassing little moany noises.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’ll probably be back.

Sigyn, in fact, doesn’t even want to leave and is hiding near the cash register.


Beloved, your cute little giggle gives you away…

>|: [