fun with seasonal fruit

It’s Time for the Annual Festivities!

It is officially summer, and you know what that means!


Every year I swear it’s going to be my turn to win, and every year, Sigyn ends up with the bigger piece of stem.  I don’t know how she does it, unless she just somehow has a rapport with fruit.

Sigyn?  Sorry, love, but this year, you are going down.


Wait!  Wait–before you start tugging, I want to inspect the goods and make sure there aren’t hidden flaws in my stem!


All right.  It looks sound enough.  On your mark… Get set…. PULL!


Nnnnnnngh!   Sproing!

What the…?


Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  I don’t believe it!  I’ve got the bigger piece!  I got the stem connector!  I’d better examine it carefully to make sure I’m not dreaming.


Looks legit.   I…   Hang on just one minute.  Was Sigyn’s stem pre-nicked?


You… You wouldn’t throw a match, would you???


I…I don’t know.    She looks innocent enough, but don’t let that wide-eyed smile fool you.

>|: [


I Feel Distinctly Cheated

Sigyn and I have eaten more cherries this year than ever before.  And we’ve pulled more cherries this year than ever before. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding out whose stem is just that little bit tougher.

The human female has just come home with still more cherries.  I wonder if there are any twin cherries in this bag?  I would love to have another chance at beating Sigyn!

Norns’ nighties!  What’s this?!


There’s only one left, but look, Sigyn!  This was a TRIPLE cherry!  We could have had such fun with this.  We could have let Fisi join, or you could have asked Muffy or even Thor.  Now we’ll never know.

I bet the human female ate the other two just so we couldn’t play with it.  Stoopid human.

Just for that I’m going to go teach the cats how to kick litter out of the box ALL OVER the bathroom…

>|: [

A Cerasiferous Conundrum

Sigyn, look!  It’s another set of twin cherries!  Maybe you and I should have another try at cherry-pulling.  I did win the last one, you know.

Hmm.  This set of cherries has the stems “helpfully” pre-mangled.  They’d be no use for pulling.  I wonder what happened to them?


(Twenty minutes earlier)

Whatcha got there, pup?  Cherries, huh?  Never could afford those growing up, and sure didn’t get any in the war.  Gee, I’d really like to try some, but they’re not mine.  Hey, those aren’t yours either!


Stop!  Bad hyena!  Let go!

: D

A Re-rematch (Sigyn Speaks)

Poor Loki!   The whole cherry-pulling business has made him grumpy and discouraged.  I don’t cheat, honestly!  I…I just think the cherries like me.

I managed to find another pair of twin cherries so we can play again.  Now, in my efforts to cheer him up, I wouldn’t go so far as to sabotage a cherry stem so that he could win.  If he found out, he’d be very mad.  But I did notice which cherry seemed to have the weaker stem, and I’m making sure to choose that one.






Loki!  You did it!  You won!

I think he suspects something…


Loki, look!  Here’s your prize!  It’s the biggest, blackest one I could find!


Anything to keep my sweetie happy.

: )

They’re Here! And I Demand A Rematch!

The rainy cherries are here.  That makes sense—we had about an inch last week.  As always, Sigyn is entranced by their beautiful red and yellow color scheme.

As always, the human female is stuffing her face like there is no tomorrow.

As always, I am wondering if I am ever going to win a cherry pull.


>|: [

It’s That Time of Year

It’s that time of year again, something Sigyn and I look forward to with great anticipation.  Yes indeed, it is time for our Annual Cherry Pull!  So far,  Sigyn has won each and every contest.  Fortune certainly smiles on my beloved.

But this year I feel lucky!  Come, my love, let us commence our cerasiferous competition!

See, I have selected a particularly succulent pair.


Sigyn, while you inspect your half, I think I shall make a little maneuvering room.


About here should do it.  Are you ready?


1… 2… 3… PULL!


%$@&!   By Yggdrasil’s blessed root hairs!  Not again!  This has to be rigged.   I suspect the human female of tampering with the cherries.


Best two out of three?


>|: [

It’s All Fun and Games Until… Part IV: Someone Is Caught Cheating

The battle I have most looked forward to at this gaming gathering is my annual Cherry Pulling Contest with Sigyn.  This is our third year, and so far she has won every match.  I do not know how she does it.  Cheating?   I cannot believe it of her!  Perhaps she simply whispers to the cherries and they gladly do her bidding?


That didn’t take long. Best five out of seven?

>|: [