fun with seasonal fruit

1…2…3… Agree!

I mentioned in passing that, even though the human female has been stuffing her face with cherries these last few weeks, Sigyn and I haven’t found a twin cherry to have our annual cherry pull.

It’s been disappointing because it’s a serious tradition around here.  Sigyn usually wins.  We tied once, and once she let me win, but usually she ends up with the bigger piece of stem and gets her wish.  Good thing for her she’s so cute

At last!  This particular bag of red cherries has a twin cherry waaay down at the bottom.


Are you ready, Sigyn?  I’m going to win this year, just so you know.



My beautiful, my most beloved, my supremely excellent Sigyn has just had the most brilliant idea.  Why struggle–why compete–why strive and make wagers, when we could both just agree to wish for the same thing and have done?

3…2…1… WISH!


Got what we wanted!

>|: 9

More Fun With Summer Fruit

Every year about this time, the wild, high-climbing grape vine in the backyard makes a lot of big, black grapes that the lazy local wildlife can’t be bothered to eat.

I can’t say that I blame them.  It is far too hot and humid to want to climb trees in search of grapes that, while they have a sweet pulp, have some of the thickest,  most astringent peel known in all of grapedom.

The result is that most of this viniferous abundance just drops off the vines and collects on the pavement.  The car, on the rare occasions we drive anywhere, just makes what I call “driveway jam.”


Poke, poke, poke.  Even if I can reach them now, I don’t really want to eat them, but there has to be something useful to do with them.

If the human female had a package of black table grapes in the cooling box, I’d sneak some of these wild ones in among them, just to watch her face.

Hmm.  Maybe I can make her a puckery little surprise and leave it in the freezer…


>|: [

Mind-boggling Berry

Great Frigga’s hairpins!  Will you look at the size of this thing!


Sigyn, it makes about seven of you!

It’s cherry season, but we haven’t found any twin cherries yet ripe for the pulling, so we’ll have to amuse ourselves with this gargantuan beauty.

Two more like this and we’ll have enough for pie!

>|: [

Sigh. Let’s Give This Another Try.

Sigyn has managed to find some of her very favorite, red and yellow Rainy Cherries.  She wants to have another cherry-pull.


I’m torn. I truly am.  Usually she wins.  I don’t know how, but she does.  Oh, one time we tied, and one time she let me win, but usually she ends up with the bigger piece of stem.  So I don’t know why I bother, except it makes her so happy.

And I can refuse my dearest nothing.  Very well, Sigyn.






Great Frigga’s corset!

Mutter, mutter, mutter…


Mutter, mutter, mutter…

Best two out of three?

two cherry pairs

>|: [

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Odin’s eypatch, where does the time go?!   The grass on the roadsides is turning tawny, the mosquitoes are living it up, and the outdoor air has all the physical properties of a lukewarm bath.  I  have blinked once since last year’s festivities and suddenly it’s cherry season again.  Sigyn and I have been doing this for years—when the cherries come in, we have our annual cherry pull.  Sigyn usually wins, and I have my suspicions about last year’s results…  Still, it’s a Tradition, with a capital “T”, and Sigyn loves it so, and thus here we are.

Hmm.  This year’s fruit looks a little smallish and under-ripe.  It is a little early.   Perhaps someone jumped the gun a bit with the harvest.


Come, my love.  Let us get my humiliation over with.


1…2…3…  Tug!


Gnnnngh!  Idunn’s little apples!  The stems this year are most monstrously strong!


Pull pull pull pull, pull ……..



Heels over horns!

Ow.  Sigyn, light of my life, are you all right?  You’re sure?  Well, thank goodness for that.  No, I am not injured either.  Let us examine the results.


Is that…?  Do my eyes deceive me?   We appear to have tugged to a draw!  We both have an intact stem and a bit of the connector.  I didn’t think that was even possible!

I suppose we shall have to wait for another double cherry to come along and go best two out of three.   

Stay tuned!

>|: [

Prunus tripla, Part II: The Early Bird

Imagine my outrage when I discovered that my oafish “brother” and his pals had seized upon my triple cherry and had their way with it while Sigyn and I were searching for a third for cherry-pulling fun.  That is such a Thor thing to do!  Waltz in at the last minute, toss a little lightning around, and spoil everyone’s fun.

Well, the joke is on him.  The human female is working in the herbarium, and she has brought cherries for lunch— and he’s not getting any!

Great Frigga’s Hairpins!  Here is ANOTHER triple cherry!


No, Fisi. The rule against hyena spit is still in force.


Sigyn, let’s go find someone to pull it with us.  Fisi, you stand guard, and if Thor and his pals show up, feel free to bite them in the kneecaps.


Grr.  Sigyn and I couldn’t find anyone to play with us.  As a last resort, I have summoned a magical clone.  He and I and Sigyn will make short work of this drupaceous triplet, and–


Nope, no idea.


>|: [

Prunus tripla

It is still cherry season.  The human male did the grocery marketing and came home with a bag of the biggest, blackest cherries I have ever seen.

How big are they?


They’re a little less than one Benno in height, about two Bennos around, and about three Bennos in weight.


He’s terrified of them.


Run, Benno, run!

There are a lot of twin cherries in the double handful the human female brought for lunch.

Idunn’s Pomes and Ponytails!  It’s a triple cherry!  I have never seen the like!


How does one pull a triple cherry?  I guess we need someone else to participate.  No, Fisi, I’m not letting you do it. I don’t want hyena spit on my fruit!


Let’s go see if we can find someone else to play with us…



It’s Time for the Annual Festivities!

It is officially summer, and you know what that means!


Every year I swear it’s going to be my turn to win, and every year, Sigyn ends up with the bigger piece of stem.  I don’t know how she does it, unless she just somehow has a rapport with fruit.

Sigyn?  Sorry, love, but this year, you are going down.


Wait!  Wait–before you start tugging, I want to inspect the goods and make sure there aren’t hidden flaws in my stem!


All right.  It looks sound enough.  On your mark… Get set…. PULL!


Nnnnnnngh!   Sproing!

What the…?


Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  I don’t believe it!  I’ve got the bigger piece!  I got the stem connector!  I’d better examine it carefully to make sure I’m not dreaming.


Looks legit.   I…   Hang on just one minute.  Was Sigyn’s stem pre-nicked?


You… You wouldn’t throw a match, would you???


I…I don’t know.    She looks innocent enough, but don’t let that wide-eyed smile fool you.

>|: [

I Feel Distinctly Cheated

Sigyn and I have eaten more cherries this year than ever before.  And we’ve pulled more cherries this year than ever before. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding out whose stem is just that little bit tougher.

The human female has just come home with still more cherries.  I wonder if there are any twin cherries in this bag?  I would love to have another chance at beating Sigyn!

Norns’ nighties!  What’s this?!


There’s only one left, but look, Sigyn!  This was a TRIPLE cherry!  We could have had such fun with this.  We could have let Fisi join, or you could have asked Muffy or even Thor.  Now we’ll never know.

I bet the human female ate the other two just so we couldn’t play with it.  Stoopid human.

Just for that I’m going to go teach the cats how to kick litter out of the box ALL OVER the bathroom…

>|: [

A Cerasiferous Conundrum

Sigyn, look!  It’s another set of twin cherries!  Maybe you and I should have another try at cherry-pulling.  I did win the last one, you know.

Hmm.  This set of cherries has the stems “helpfully” pre-mangled.  They’d be no use for pulling.  I wonder what happened to them?


(Twenty minutes earlier)

Whatcha got there, pup?  Cherries, huh?  Never could afford those growing up, and sure didn’t get any in the war.  Gee, I’d really like to try some, but they’re not mine.  Hey, those aren’t yours either!


Stop!  Bad hyena!  Let go!

: D