A Not Foggy At All Now Walk, Part V: Toadrooms and Mushstools

This wet weather has every basidiomyceous organism burgeoning into extravagant growth.

Sigyn saw these…


…and said, "They look like blank pizza crusts!" Darling, I believe that is an indication that we have been walking too long and that it is time to go home for lunch.

While Sigyn admires the mushroom pizzas, I shall begin a game of hide-and-seek. Clever Sigyn! She has found me almost immediately. It’s hard to hide with horns.


This truly is a magnificnent fungus. I claim this log in the name of Loki!


(Why have I suddenly remembered that I promised to hang some shelves for Sigyn?)

As much "fun" as this walk has been, I really do think it is time to go home. Sigyn, how about you pick out one more thing for the human female to photograph, and then we go get some much-deserved lunch?


Interesting choice. It is certainly…um…very bright. The human female says it is a Cinnabar-red Polypore. She sounds erudite, but to be honest, I think she just makes this stuff up.

Now we go home! I think I hear a postprandial nap calling my name.

>|: [